TPR-2016 workshop at RUC Beijing

workshop description

The Center for Research and Innovation in Translation and Translation Technology (CRITT) at CBS and the MTI Education Center, SFL at Renmin University China (RUC), Beijing are offering an advanced workshop in Translation Process Research (TPR) from Monday October 24 to Friday October 28, 2016. The workshop will focus on theoretical aspects of translation process research, on experimental research design and methodology, on human translation modelling, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and translation process data visualization. The workshop will also feature additional sessions in writing research. There will be an opportunity to get hands-on experience with recording keystroke and eye-tracking data as well as with the newest version of the Translation Process Research Database (TPR-DB). We welcome, in particular, PHD students, post-doctorate students, and young teachers or researchers interested in translation and translation process research. Participants are encouraged to discuss their research with each other and the lecturers and to explore possibilities that the TPR-DB offers to support their own research.

The workshop components will be taught by leading researchers in the respective fields. The mornings will be devoted to lectures, discussions and demo sessions, while the afternoon sessions will include participant presentations, hands-on sessions and consultation with the lecturers. Participants will learn how to prepare, run and analyze Translog-II and Inputlog 7 experiments using the methods taught during the workshop. The lectures will be taught in English.

The workshop will be followed by a one-day conference on Saturday October 29. The Conference offers the possibility for participants to share their experience and expertise in translation related topics. Workshop participants are encouraged to submit an abstract to the conference. Please see further instructions in Chinese at:

Provisional program

Presenters: Arnt Lykke Jakobsen, Michael Carl, Moritz Schaeffer, Luuk van Waes, Mariëlle Leijten

A reading list for the workshop can be downloaded: here

The reference book New Directions in Empirical Translation Process Research, Springer, 2016 can be downloaded from the publisher's website.

Practical information

  • Workshop dates: October 24 - 28, 2016.
  • Participants: Maximum 35 participants.
  • Reservation: compulsory prior reservation by 23 Sept. please send mail to
  • Registration fees: 1800 RMB (280 USD);
  • The participants pay upon arrival in Mingde Guoji Building, Renmin University, China, Room 501, on Oct. 23, 14:00—21:00 or Oct.24, 8:00—8:30 see google map
  • Venue: Language Lab, Class Building No. 3, Renmin University of China, Beijing:
  • Information on workshop details: contact

The program runs all days October 24 - 28, 2016, from 9.00 to 16.30 at Renmin University China, Beijing, Language Lab, Class Building No. 3