Memento Workshop 2018

A MEMENTO workshop was conducted in the context of the 5th International Conference on Cognitive Research on Translation and Interpreting on Friday Night, November 2, 2018. Program

Bootcamp Parallel Session—01

(0304, Mingde International Building)

Session Chair: Prof. Michael Carl

19:00-19:20 Liu Yanmei (Shandong University of Finance and Economics) A Case Study on the Difficulty Consistency of C-E Translation Tasks in CET 6 from the Perspective of Mental Workload

19:20-19:40 Wei Yuxiang (Dublin City University) Cognitive Effort in Relation to Word Translation Entropy and Syntactic Choice Entropy

19:40-20:00 Zhu Yueqi; Michael Carl; Chen Jinjin; Feng Jia (Renmin University of China) A Research on Translation Process of Simultaneous Interpreting with Scripts

20:00-20:20 Huang Jie (Renmin University of China) Impact of post-editing behavior on efficiency and quality: a case study of technical texts

20:20-20:40 Zhu Lin (Huaqiao University) Intuition and the Translation Process

20:40-21:00 Chen Jinjin; Li Defeng; Victoria Lei (University of Macau) Exploring Cognitive Effort in Written Translation of Chinese Neologisms:An Eye-tracking and Keylogging Study

21:00-21:20 Wang Jiayi; Li Defeng; Victoria Lei (University of Macau) Featurization of Translation Reading An Eye-tracking and Key-logging Study

21:20-21:40 Félix do Carmo, Klaus Buchegger, Rossana Cunha, Michael Carl (Dublin City University) New ways of describing editing behaviour in the CRITT TPR-DB

Bootcamp Parallel Session-02

(0306, Mingde International Building)

Session Chair: Prof. Li Defeng

19:00-19:20 Patrick Chu (The Education University of Hong Kong) An Introduction to an Interactive TPR-DB Interface Using R Shiny Dashboard

19:20-19:40 Lu Sheng (Renmin University of China) Activity Units Type Prediction Using Hidden Markov Models

19:40-20:00 Xu Ran (China Foreign Affairs University) An empirical study on terminological preparation process for simultaneous interpreting

20:00-20:20 Guo Yaling (Beijing Foreign Studies University) The Embodied Priming Effect of Spatial Schemas on Translators’ Temporal Perspectives

20:20-20:40 Yang Yanxia (Hunan University) Development and Psychometric Validation of Translating Self-Efficacy Scale for student translators

20:40-21:00 HeYan; LiDefeng (University of Macau) A Neuro-cognitive Exploration to Sight Translation Directionality: An fNIRS Study

21:00-21:20 Su Wenchao; Li Defeng (University of Macau) Types of Reading and Cognitive Effort in English-Chinese Sight Translation

21:20-21:40 Yang Shanshan (University of Macau) Interactions between the Presence of Numbers, Gaze Patterns and Performance in Simultaneous Interpreting with Text —An Eye-tracking Study