Eye-tracking and Natural Language Processing

ETNLP - Eye-tracking and Natural Language Processing

A 1/2 day workshop organized in the context of:

Coling 2012

24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

15 December, 2012 Mumbai, India


New paper submission deadline: 14th October 2012

Eye-tracking devices are increasingly used in natural language applications, for hypothesis testing, user modelling and usability studies, system evaluation and feature extraction, as well as for on-line applications such as real-time human-machine interaction, intelligent user adaptation and gaze-based control. The planned workshop aims at bringing together interested parties in using eye-tracking devices in NLP-related research, including representation, implementation and algorithms for gaze detection as well as assessment and evaluation of possibilities and quality of gaze data in natural language applications. The workshop solicits papers on all aspects which relate eye tracking and natural languages, such as:

  • Gaze-based Language and/or Reading Research
  • Gaze-based Computational Psycholinguistics
  • Eye Movements and Attention in Natural Language Understanding
  • Gaze Interaction and Gaze-based Control in Text Processing
  • Measuring Cognitive Complexity of human NLP tasks
  • Algorithms for Gaze Data Filtering and Gaze-to-symbol Mapping
  • Synchronization of Gaze Data with other Input Devices
  • Corpora of Gaze Data in Language Processing

Invited Talk by Matthew Crocker, Saarland University: Grounding spoken interaction with real-time gaze in dynamic virtual environments.

  • Organizers: Michael Carl (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark); Pushpak Bhattacharya (IIT Mumbai, India); Kamal Kumar Choudhary (IIT Ropar, India)
  • Programme Committee: Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IIT Mumbai, India); Ralf Biedert (DFKI, Germany); Sharon O'Brien (DCU, Ireland); Michael Carl (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark); Kamal Kumar Choudhary (IIT Ropar, India); Matthew Crocker (Saarland University, Germany); Silvia Hansen-Schirra (University of Mainz, Germany); Kenneth Holmqvist (Humanities Lab, Sweden); Sam Hutton (SR-research, Canada); Frank Keller (University of Edinburgh); Pascual Martinez (University of Tokyo, Japan); Ricardo Matos (Tobii, Sweden); Mattias Nilsson (Uppsala University, Sweden); Pirita Pyykkönen-Klauck (Saarland University, Germany); Kari-Jouko Räihä (University of Tampere, Finland); RMK Sinha (JSS Academy of Technical Education, India); Oleg Spakov (University of Tampere, Finland); Sara Stymne (Linköping University, Sweden); Per Henning Uppstad (Lesecenteret, Norway)

Here you can download the ETNLP_Proceedings.pdf