Expertise in Translation and Post-editing

ETP - International Workshop on Expertise in Translation and Post-editing Research and Application

The Center for Research and Innovation in Translation and Translation Technology invites researchers and practitioners to a workshop on:

Expertise in Translation and Post-editing: Research and Application

Copenhagen Business School

August 17 and 18, 2012

Programme and Proceedings

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) and Machine Translation (MT) technology are modifying the translation profession. However, it is unclear how translation technologies can help translators in the best way to produce high quality translations faster. The workshop Expertise in Translation and Post-editing aims at exploring how we can design advanced editing platforms to deploy translation technology in better ways than merely by post-editing machine generated texts, and how we can assess and compare the human expert behavior during translation and (post-) editing activities.

The workshop seeks to bring together all interested parties from the translation industry, from the translation process research community as well as translation system designer to examine Expertise in Translation and Post-editing from different possible angles.

  • Workshop committee: L. Balling (CBS), M. Carl (CBS), F. Casacuberta (UPV), M. Federico (FBK), D. Hardt (CBS), K.T.H. Jensen (CBS), F. Keller (UEDIN), P. Koehn (UEDIN), R. Silva (Celer).
  • Further information about the workshop: Michael Carl,
  • Administrative problems: Merete Borch, , Copenhagen Business School

Note that the workshop takes place in the Dalgas Have part of the CBS campus.

The conference is held on 17.08 2012, 9.00 - 18.08 2012, 16.00


The venue for the workshop is:

Dalgas Have 15

2000 Frederiksberg

Room SV.089

Extended versions of some EPT contributions and the First Workshop on Post-editing Technology and Practice (WPTP) have led to an edited volume published by Cambridge Scholar Publishers: