History & Plans

Many of us will remember the days of the wooden hut, where the original committee congressed to discuss plans and organise events for the village of Cefneithin. From that hut, great plans for great events were seen through to fruition. Remember the Carnivals, the Fair and even the Circus? With the big marquee in the field, the whole village and local communities attended and enjoyed these events. Youth clubs, Discos and all sorts of activities were held in the hut, giving the young and the old generations of the village things to do. It was a good time and we acknowledge the efforts by the volunteers at the time.

Today, we are lucky to have a nice big brick building with a large hall and we hope to bring back some of those wonderful times. It's early days for the new Committee, but already we have attracted many activities into the hall during the week. We hope to keep interest high and are always looking for new activities to put on for the people of the villages and surrounding areas. Please have a look at our weekly activities and special events and feel free to get in touch with ideas or suggestions you think will help the community.

The new Committee are a mixture of young and old men and women, all keen to help re establish a sense of goodwill and community spirit within our villages.

Plans for further work on the hall are in place, including modernising the kitchen and toilet areas as well as potential extensions for changing rooms and backstage areas. It's all go!