Screen resolution

Notes About Screen Resolution

Your screen resolution and/or monitor settings affect the amount of

detail you can see in an image.

Images on the Land Use Plan website are designed for display

at 800 x 600 resolution.

If your screen resolution is set too high, e.g., 1280 x 1024,

it may be hard to see details in the maps or read the Plan

or Appendices.

Windows operating systems:

To change or verify your screen resolution in Windows 95, 98 and

higher, here are general instructions which may vary slightly

from one version of Windows to another:

1) Click START - Settings - Control Panel.

2) Double-click the Display icon.

3) In the Display Properties window, click the Settings tab.

4) Note your current "screen area" size. If it isn't 800 x 600,

you may wish to drag the slide control to that setting.

5) Click on "Apply" at the extreme lower right of the

Display Properties window. If you can't see the

"Apply" button, you can press Alt-A instead.

Next, click on "OK," or hit Enter.

6) A Dialog window should appear, asking if you wish to keep

this setting. Click "Yes" or press Alt-Y. If for some reason your

monitor or video driver goes blank or doesn't display

correctly, or you don't answer, the screen resolution will

return in approx. 15 seconds to its former setting.

7) Close any open windows related to screen resolution.

Information on this can also be found in Start - Help.

In the Help index, look up the keyword "screen," then the

topic, "display settings." Click the "Display" button. A new

dialog box will open. Select the subtopic, "To change

the size of the screen area" and click the "Display" button.

Follow the help instructions from there.

MacIntosh, Unix and other operating systems:

Consult your "Help" file for info how to change screen