Subject: Proposed Cellular Tower in Cedar Hills: Info & Survey
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 18:07:28 -0700
From: Christen Warwick <>
To: Selected Recipients <>

Hello! You have received this message because of your previous
interest in Land Use Planning and/or developments in Cedar Hills,
east of Snowflake, Arizona.

The purpose of this email is to give you information about a
proposal by Cellular One to place a 180-foot tall cellular tower
in Cedar Hills on "Black Mesa," in order to improve digital
cellular service in Navajo and Apache counties. Also, this email
is your invitation to answer a three-question survey and give
feedback about the proposed tower.

As a resident of Cedar Hills involved in Land Use Planning,
I believe in an "informed citizenry" and in hearing from the
local community. This email incorporates both those goals.

Land Use Planning requires long-term consideration of what is
best for a community. The area around Snowflake is projected to
have substantial growth in the next ten years. Growth is a
natural phenomenon in a healthy community. Some people want
more growth, while others want less growth. One of the best things
that Land Use Planning can do is help to "guide" growth, for the
best interests of a community.

There is now a good opportunity to secure a prime site for a
cellular communications tower in Cedar Hills, to meet current and
future community needs. Cellular One has agreed to allow
"co-location," which means that other radio services can be placed
on the site, as well. This could include police and fire department
repeaters, etc. An advantage to this arrangement is that antennae
need not be scattered around Cedar Hills, and can be consolidated
at one location.

Those involved in Cedar Hills Land Use Planning have benefited
from the expertise of a telecommunications technician (not employed
by Cellular One) and an electrical engineer, both residents of
Cedar Hills, who anticipated that there might be a proposal at
some point to place a cell site in Cedar Hills.

Before they were advised of Cellular One's proposal, these technicians
concluded that Black Mesa, south of Concho Highway and east of
Snowflake was a good "candidate location" for a cell tower. The
tower would provide omni-directional digital cellular phone coverage
in Navajo and Apache counties, and could "network" with the cell
towers north of Snowflake and in Holbrook.

Also, a tower on Black Mesa minimizes the electromagnetic impact
upon the environmentally-sensitive community in Cedar Hills, which is
mostly-based several miles to the west. A medical professional in
Cedar Hills has been consulted, and he has no objection to the tower
at Black Mesa. Representatives from the environmentally-sensitive
community have also been consulted, and they think that the proposed
location of the tower on Black Mesa is probably the most practical
and best placement we can achieve, in balancing everyone's interests
now and in the future.

Apparently, Cellular One concluded that Black Mesa was the best
location, too. An application for a Special Use Permit to allow a
cellular tower is now pending. A hearing is scheduled before the
Navajo County Planning & Zoning Commission on July 21, 2005 at 6 PM
in the Board of Supervisors chambers, County Complex, Holbrook, AZ.
Interested persons are invited to attend.

More information about the tower can be found at
the Cedar Hills Land Use Planning web page,

What follows is a three-question survey, which uses numerical values.
This allows for better analysis of the responses. A suggestion how to
email your brief response is shown after the questions below:

Question 1:
On a scale from 1 to 10, do you favor a cellular telephone tower
in Cedar Hills, in order to provide better digital phone service
to both Navajo and Apache county?
 10 = highly favor
  5 = no opinion
  1 = don't favor

Question 2:
On a scale from 1 to 10, do you support the placement of a
cellular tower on top of Black Mesa (which is south of Concho
Highway and west of the former Property Owner's Association
building in Cedar Hills)?
 10 = highly support
  5 = no opinion
  1 = don't support

Question 3:
In what general area do you live?
1) Cedar Hills in Navajo County
2) Snowflake/Taylor
3) Other area of Navajo County
4) Apache County

Your email response can be as simple as "8,5,1" --
which means that a person generally favors improvements in
cellular phone service by adding a cell tower in Cedar Hills,
has no opinion whether to place the tower on Black Mesa, and
lives in Cedar Hills. (Those who consider themselves in
"Cedar Hills, Apache County" should select "4" for purposes of
this survey.)

Please send your email reply to:
preferably no later than July 14, 2005.

If you have any additional comments on the proposed cellular
tower, please feel free to send them along to me. Please include
the word "tower" or "survey" in your email reply, as it will help me
to filter and route your email. I will collect the responses to
this survey, analyze them and pass the results on to Navajo County
Planning & Zoning.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Best regards,

Christen Warwick
Volunteer Participant
in Cedar Hills Land Use Planning