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This is a webpage from 2006, for historical reference.
 Cellular Site in Cedar Hills
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Photo of Black Mesa,
looking south from Concho Highway
near mile marker 10.
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Details about the proposed tower:

Location: Top of "Black Mesa," south of Concho Hwy, west of the former
Property Owner's Association building and Black Mesa Valley Rd.

Tower Height: 180 feet tall. No lights required by FAA.

Structure and design: three transceivers or antenna arrays, providing
omni-directional coverage. Tower is 3-legged, self-support, no guy wires.
Tower will have a low center of gravity, with a concrete pad going many
feet underground. The pad will be 40 feet x 40 feet, with a 6 foot-tall
protective fence.

Wind strength of tower:  75 MPH sustained winds with 1/2 inch ice.

Service provider: Cellular One.

Type of network: GSM 850.
                           No analog cellular service is planned.
                           Microwave radio backhaul could be added.

Transmitter frequencies: 869.2 MHz to 893.8 MHz.

Wattage of transmitter(s): 20 watts each, with an Effective Radiated
Power (ERP) of approx. 200 watts per sector.

"Wireless Internet" aka Wireless Application Protocol (WAP):
not supported at this time.

Co-location of other services allowed: Yes.

Cell site coordinates are:  N Lat. 34 degrees, 32.623 minutes
                                      W Long. 109 degrees, 55.021 minutes.

An archaeological examination of the proposed Black Mesa cell site
will be made to check for indian artifacts before proceeding with any

Background details about the proposed tower are in this email sent by
a participant in Land Use Planning. (click here.)

The FDA and cell phone facts:

Radiation safety, cell phones, obtaining
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) info -- see

Cell Phone SAR charts
Lookup your cell phone here

A public hearing about the tower was held before the Planning Commission
on July 21, 2005, 6 PM, Board of Supervisors chambers, Navajo County
Complex, Holbrook, AZ. At a subsequent meeting of the Board of Supervisors,
the tower was approved. This clears the way for Cellular One to begin
construction, if it reaches a final decision to place the tower on Black Mesa.

View from atop Black Mesa.

A portion of Black Mesa, with Concho Highway to the north.


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