The Cedar Hills Land Use Plan

Completed March 25, 2006

We thank the community for its support, and all who made this

achievement possible.

Main body of the Cedar Hills Land Use Plan

including area and zoning maps. (PDF Format.) Size: 14 Megabytes.

High brightness version.

Appendices to the Plan:

Appendix A

University of Arizona survey

Appendix B

Zoning Resolution 72-01

Appendices C to H (1.4 Megabytes total)

C: Committee Members and Acknowledgments

D: Fire Dept., EMS, Rural Addressing, etc.

E: Environmental Concerns, Good Neighbor Outdoor Lighting

F: Animals at Large

G: Miscellaneous: Home Occupations/ Tree Plantings

H: Land Use Plan Completion, 2006


Maps in .GIF format. (Brightness and contrast are adjusted for

better printing.) Same maps as in the main Land Use Plan .PDF file above.

Best viewed at 800 x 600 screen resolution.

Area Maps part 1 (Cedar Hills foldout map & pages 6-A, 6-B)

322 KB.

Area Maps part 2 (Cedar Hills zoning maps, pages 6-C through 6-F)

504 KB.

If you need a free .PDF reader, click here.

NOTES: The page numbers in the Land Use Plan are located

in the bottom center of most pages. When viewing the Plan with Adobe

Reader, please note that the Plan's Table of Contents refers to the page

numbers shown in the Plan itself, not the page numbers that Adobe Acrobat

uses for reference to navigate through the .PDF file.

The pages in the Land Use Plan .PDF file have high brightness. All the text

and content in the Plan is there (except for Appendices.)

This Plan was hand-delivered to the Navajo county Board of Supervisors and the Planning and Zoning Department, and distributed to various members of the community.

In 2006, printed copies of the Cedar Hills Land Use Plan were placed in the

Reference section of the Snowflake Public Library and at the Northland Pioneer

College Library, Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake, AZ.

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