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TSTool downloads are available for current and previous versions of the software.  Development versions made available on this website typically have some features that are works in progress and/or which are being reviewed by the developer/user community.  Software products occasionally may be undergoing major rework and in such cases beta releases are made to get feedback about prototype design and functionality.

TSTool installs into a versioned folder.  Consequently, it is possible to install several versions of TSTool to allow for comparison and testing, and plan for migration.  See the TSTool Quick Start Guide.  TSTool documentation is available under the "doc" folder of the installation and the documentation for the most recent release is available here:  User Manual | Command Reference | Datastore Reference.  See information below the following table specific to Windows and Linux installation.  If an error results while installing or starting TSTool, see: Troubleshoot TSTool Software Install.

 Version Number and Date
Operating System
 Installer Download
Comments and Release Notes
 12.06.00, 2018-09-14Windows TSTool_CDSS_12.06.00_Setup.exeAdd integrated online documentation, Colorado HydroBase REST web service datastore, and other enhancements.  Release Notes
 12.00.00, 2017-04-24Windows TSTool_CDSS_12.00.00_Setup.exeUpdate to use Java 8.  Additional changes to graphing features, including graph templates.  Enable y-axis zooming on graphs.  Other maintenance updates and enhancements.   Release Notes
 Linux 32-bit TSTool_CDSS_12.00.00_Linux_x86.tar.gzLinux 32-bit version consistent with above Windows version.
 11.13.00, 2017-03-05Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.13.00_Setup.exeAdd mouse tracker feature to graph and allow selecting time series in legend to highlight on graph.  Many commands updated to support properties, other enhancements.  Release Notes
 11.12.05 beta, 2016-09-19Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.12.05beta_Setup.exeEnhance VariableLagK command to support properties and allow states to be read and written from a table, to allow restarting an analysis from a point in time.  Release is provided as an archive.  Release Notes
 11.10.01, 2016-05-02
Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.10.01_Setup.exeAdd preliminary support for plugin datastores and commands, and HTML documentation for commands.  Allow datastore configurations to be saved in user's home folder.  Improve handling of time zone.  Various bug fixes and enhancements.  Release Notes
 11.10.01, 2016-05-02
Linux 32-bit
 TSTool_CDSS_11.10.01_Linux_x86.tar.gzSee comments above and release notes.
 11.08.01, 2016-02-15Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.08.01_Setup.exeAdd support for reading Delft FEWS PI XML format, additional spatial data output, additional updates to handle ${Property} notation for For() command.  Release Notes
 11.07.05, 2015-12-07Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.07.05_Setup.exeAdd support for Reclamation Pisces database, enhancements related to JSON and web service support, maintenance.  Release Notes
 11.06.01, 2015-07-29Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.06.01_Setup.exeSeveral minor updates.  Add ReadExcelWorkbook() command.  Release Notes
 11.04.03, 2015-07-15Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.04.03_Setup.exeAdditional command support for ${Property} and For().  Output files listed in TSTool now include all those created in For() loops.  Enhance commands that write to Excel that use style formatting to provide an optional legend.  Release Notes
 11.03.10, 2015-06-29Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.03.10_Setup.exeEnhance many commands to accept processor ${Property} in parameters, enable nested For() loops, enhance Excel integration, many other related enhancements.  These enhancements allow automation on large datasets driven by Excel configuration without using template command files.  Release Notes
 11.02.03, 2015-05-27Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.02.03_Setup.exeEnhancements for Excel integration, table processing, and automation using time series and processor properties.  Release Notes
 11.01.00, 2015-03-23Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.01.00_Setup.exeEnhanced features for ReclamationHDB datastore including prompt for login and additional datastore configuration properties to optimize SQL statements.  Release Notes
 11.01.00, 2015-03-23Linux 32-bit TSTool_CDSS_11.01.00_Linux_x86.tar.gzSee comments above and release notes.
 11.00.00, 2015-03-15Windows TSTool_CDSS_11.00.00_Setup.exeUpdate from Java 6 to 7, many enhancements including more Excel integration, maintenance updates.  Release Notes
 10.31.00, 2014-08-05
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.31.00_Setup.exeAdd preliminary For() command, fix bug in 10.30.02 version and other maintenance.  Release Notes
 10.29.00, 2014-05-19
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.29.00_Setup.exeEnhancements for Excel integration and table processing.  Release Notes
 10.28.02, 2014-04-19
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.28.02_Setup.exeAdd irregular time series table view, ReclamationHDB integration enhancements, additional utility commands.  Release Notes
 10.28.02, 2014-04-19
Linux 32-bit
 TSTool_CDSS_10.28.02_Linux_x86.tar.gzSee comments above and release notes.
 10.27.00, 2014-03-21
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.27.00_Setup.exeEnhancements for Excel integration, additional utility commands.  Release Notes
 10.26.00, 2013-12-24
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.26.00_Setup.exeEnhancements needed to automate NRCS Surface Water Supply Index, additional table processing features.  Release Notes
 10.25.00, 2013-10-15
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.25.00_Setup.exeAdditional enhancements related to Reclamation HDB and time series "data stream" format output.  Release Notes
 10.25.00, 2013-10-15Linux 32-bit TSTool_CDSS_10.25.00_Linux_x86.tar.gzSee comments above and release notes.
 10.24.01, 2013-09-30
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.24.01_Setup.exeMajor upgrade in support for Reclamation's HDB database and RiverWare RDF files.  Release Notes
 10.23.00, 2013-09-12
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.23.00_Setup.exeThis version and 10.22.00 provide additional features related to processing tables, including reading and writing tables and time series from GenericDatabaseDataStore.  FillRegression() and FillMixedStation() are now consistent.  Release Notes
 10.21.00, 2013-07-14Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.21.00_Setup.exeSignificant enhancements for processing tables, initial database datastore integration for writing time series, initial time series JSON and KML output.   Release Notes 
 10.20.00, 2013-04-21Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.20.00_Setup.exeMaintenance release for SPDSS consistent with other software releases made at the same time, includes progress to date on new ReclamationHDB commands.  Release Notes
 10.18.00, 2013-03-03Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.18.00_Setup.exeAdd ability to read directly from Excel workbooks and write to datastores.  It is now possible to load a database table from an Excel file.  Release Notes
 10.17.00, 2013-02-18
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.17.00_Setup.exeNew features in response to water level analysis in the South Platte basin.  Release Notes
 10.15.00 beta, 2013-01-14
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.15.00beta_Setup.exeImplement workaround for NRCS web services always having Feb 29 for daily data.  Documentation also has been split into 3 volumes.  Release Notes
 10.14.00 beta, 2012-12-18 Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.14.00beta_Setup.exeImprove access to well time series in HydroBase and allow SNOTEL graphs to be created for water years.  Release Notes
 10.12.00 beta, 2012-10-01
Windows TSTool_CDSS_10.12.00beta_Setup.exeIntroduce the HydroBase datastore as an optional configuration, allowing commands like ReadTableFromDataStore() to work with HydroBase.  To enable, edit the system\HydroBase.cfg file under the install and set the property Enabled=True.  Then select "HydroBase" as the datastore in the main interface and commands.  Time series identifiers with ~HydroBase will then use the datastore rather than the legacy input type.    Release Notes

 10.11.00 beta, 2012-07-03

 TSTool_CDSS_10.11.00beta_Setup.exeVersion 10.xx.xx+ removes the TS Alias notation and has many enhancements.  The 10.11.00 release provides support for several web service updates.  Release Notes
 10.10.00 beta, 2012-06-12
Linux 32-bit TSTool_CDSS_10.10.00beta_Setup_Linux.tar.gzSee Windows Release Notes.

For Windows:

Run the installer program to install, accepting the default installation settings.  If the State of Colorado's HydroBase is installed on the local computer, it will be accessible by default with no further configuration.  If HydroBase is available on a server machine or another computer, then specify that server in the last step of the installation (e.g., "local,ServerName\CDSS" for the server names and "HydroBase" as the default HydroBase name).  If HydroBase is not available, then do not perform the HydroBase configuration at the end of the installation and use "Tools...Options" in TSTool to disable the HydroBase input type, which subsequently will skip the HydroBase login dialog when TSTool is run.

For Linux:

Use a command like "tar -xzvf TSTool*.tar.gz" to install TSTool.  The files will install in a TSTool-Version folder under the current folder.  For example, install under /opt.  Run TSTool using the bin/tstool script under the install.  If desired, create a symbolic link to this file /usr/local/bin/tstool or similar.  If the State of Colorado's HydroBase is not available on the system, use "Tools...Options" in TSTool to disable the HydroBase input type, which subsequently will skip the HydroBase login dialog when TSTool is run.

TSTool configuration information is described in the "Installation and Configuration" appendix and datastore appendices.

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