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StateDMI downloads are available for development versions of the software.  These versions typically have some features that are works in progress and/or which are being reviewed by the developer/user community.  Software products occasionally may be undergoing major rework and in such cases beta releases are made to get feedback about prototype design and functionality.

StateDMI installs into a versioned folder.  Consequently, it is possible to install several versions of StateDMI to allow for comparison and testing, and plan for migration.  Refer to the User Manual and training materials installed under the "doc" folder of the installation and available from the StateDMI Help menu.

Version Number and DateOperating SystemInstaller Download Comments and Release Notes
 4.05.00beta, 2016-10-05 Windows StateDMI_CDSS_04.05.00beta_Setup.exeDevelopment version to implement WER file well-only aggregations using list of WDIDs rather than parcel identifiers, which simplifies input specification, also upgrade to Java 7.   Release Notes
03.12.02, 2013-04-17Windows  StateDMI_CDSS_03.12.02_Setup.exe
Maintenance release consistent with other SPDSS tool releases occurring at the same time.  Release Notes