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Installing HydroBase locally will allow for faster access to data using CDSS software, in particular time series data.  Local database access also allows more complex queries to be run by joining and filtering tables and views.  The data in the local copy will be a snapshot of HydroBase and therefore may be appropriate for analysis and modeling where a changing database can be disruptive to modeling activities.  The CDSS and DWR website and web services may be more appropriate for real-time data and to provide access to the most recent HydroBase data.  See the HydroBase overview for more information about choosing the best option to access HydroBase.

HydroBase downloads are available as full installations (includes SQL Server Express, GIS data, and versions of CDSS software distributed with the HydroBase version by the State of Colorado) and HydroBase updates containing only the database files that can be attached to SQL Server using the HydroBase Database Manager (distributed with the full installation).  CDSS software versions newer than those distributed on the HydroBase installer may be available on this website and the CDSS website.

Instructions for full (first time) HydroBase installation:  OWF-HowTo-HydroBase-DVD-Install-FromCloud.pdf
See also the readme.txt and InstallNotes.pdf documentation in the DVD installer files, available after download of the full installer zip file.  The install procedure requires rebooting the computer and running the install procedure multiple times - this is normal!

Instructions for updating HydroBase with a database update release (must have previously performed a full HydroBase install):  OWF-HowTo-HydroBase-DVD-Install-Update.pdf

Release Date
Operating System
Installer Download
Zip File
Comments and Release Notes
 Various  Windows Colorado Division of Water Resources FTP Site Colorado DWR is now providing archives of HydroBase on their FTP site.  More information will be added here about how to install SQL Server and the HydroBase Database Manager.  Until more information is provided, the full installer can be downloaded below and for the step to attach a HydroBase database, download a recent version from the DWR FTP site and attach that version.
 2016-08-02 WindowsHydroBase_CO_20160802.zip 556 MBUpdate for 2015 irrigation year and monthly data through release date.
 2016-04-07 WindowsHydroBase_CO_20160407.zip
 551 MB
Update for 2015 irrigation year and monthly data through release date.  Reflects unique parcel identifier assignments that include water district number.
 2015-08-24 WindowsHydroBase_CO_20150824.zip 532 MBUpdate for 2014 irrigation year and monthly data through release date.
 2015-03-04 WindowsHydroBase_CO_20150304.zip 522 MBIncludes HydroBase database update only, to address the following issues:

 2014-12-01 WindowsHydroBase_CO_20141201.zip
 510 MBIncludes HydroBase database update only:

 2014-07-19 WindowsHydroBaseDVD_20140719.zip
 933 MB
Full installer matching contents of HydroBase installer DVD.

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