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This section of the site is given over to new poems and to a selection of poetry from several collections published over a period of more that 30 years. The  'New and Uncollected Poems' are just that.  The most recent published collection, Elsewhere: new and selected poems, (Peepal Tree Press) which is still in print, contains a broad selection of poems taken from the earlier publications. Several poems  from that collection are reproduced here, while some of the poems from earlier books not included in Elsewhere are used here to represent those individual collections

                                 New and Uncollected Poems              Elsewhere                          Lugard's Bridge
                                            2000 - Ongoing                                1999                                        1989

                                                     Zinder                        The Perfume of Decay            Mekin Foolishness
                                                      1986                                        1985                                        1982

                                                Specimens                          Room Service                             Beasts
                                                      1979                                        1977                                       1975