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As author:

Critical Writing

2007 Tourist, Traveller, Troublemaker:Essays on Poetry,

     Leeds, Peepal Tree Press.

1989 Writers from Africa: A Readers' Guide, London, The 

     Book Trust.


1999 Elsewhere: New and Selected Poems, Leeds,Peepal Tree 


1989 Lugard’s Bridge, Bridgend, Seren Books.

1986 Zinder, Bridgend, Poetry Wales Press.

1985 The Perfume of Decay, Hatch End, Poet & Printer.

1982 Mekin Foolishness, Diego Martin,Trinidad, The New 


1979 Specimens, Knotting, The Sceptre Press.

1977 Room Service, Falmouth, Falmouth School of Art 


1975 Beasts, Walton-on-Thames, Outposts Publications

As editor:

Critical Writing

2006 Poems by Martin Carter, (co-ed with Ian McDonald) 

     Oxford, Macmillan Caribbean.

2001 Kiss and Quarrel: Yoruba/English: Strategies of 

     Mediation, (ed.) Birmingham, CWAS African Studies


2000 ‘All Are Involved’: The Art of Martin Carter,

     (ed.)Leeds, Peepal Tree Press.

1995 The Art of Kamau Brathwaite, (ed.)Bridgend, Seren 


1995 The Pressures of the Text: Orality, texts and the 

     telling of tales, (ed.) Birmingham, CWAS African 

     Studies Series.

1991 The Art of Derek Walcott, (ed.)Bridgend, Seren 


Literary Anthologies

2012 The Bowling was Superfine: West Indian Writers on 

     West Indian Cricket, (co-ed with Ian McDonald) Leeds,

     Peepal Tree Press. 

2005 The Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse, (co-ed

     with Mark McWatt) Oxford, Oxford University Press.

1999 The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories (co-ed. 

     with John Wickham), Oxford, OUP.

1997 African New Voices: an anthology of contemporary 

     prose and poetry, (ed.) Harlow, Longman.

1995 Caribbean New Voices: an anthology of contemporary 

     prose and poetry, (ed.) Harlow, Longman.

1992 The Heinemann Book of Caribbean Poetry, (co-ed. 

     with Ian McDonald), Oxford,Heinemann.

1992 Caribbean Poetry Now,(Revised, 2nd edition) 

     (ed.)Sevenoaks, Edward Arnold.

1990 Caribbean New Wave: the contemporary short story

     (ed.) Oxford, Heinemann.

1990 Voiceprint: oral and related poetries of the 

     Caribbean, (co-ed. with Gordon Rohlehr and Mervyn 

     Morris), Harlow, Longman.

1984 Caribbean Poetry Now, (ed.) Sevenoaks, Hodder & Stoughton

Selected contributions to other books

Introductions and Afterwords   

2009     ‘Stanley Graves in conversation’:  Afterword to The Poems

                  Man, by Stanley Graves, Leeds, Peepal Tree Press.

2006     ‘The Poems Man’: Introduction to Poems by Martin Carter,

                  eds. Brown & McDonald, London, Macmillan, 2005. p. 7-17.

2004     ‘Introduction’ to Words Need Love Too by Kamau Brathwaite,

Cambridge, Salt Publishing, p. xi-xxvi.

2002     ‘Words to refute cultures that wear boots: the poetry of Stanley

Greaves’ Afterword to Horizons by Stanley Greaves, Leeds,

Peepal Tree Press, p.137-143.

1996       ‘A witness in my time and place: the poetry of Don Burness’, in

The Bardie Clan  by Don Burness, New York, Troubador

Press, p.xi-xvii.

1995      ‘Introduction’ to A Job for the Hangman by Roi Kwabena,

                Coventry, Raka Publications, p.5-8.

1988       'Introduction' to Zaynab Alkali's novel The Stillborn, London,

         Longman. p.vii-xxi

1988       ‘Introduction’ to Ismith Khan's novel The Jumbie Bird, London,

   Longman, p.iii xvi. 

Chapters and Essays in edited books 

2009     ‘Things Fall Apart: poetry as counter-commentary, perhaps’ in

               When Things Came Together: Studies on Chinua Achebe,

               D. Burness, I Mata & V Hartnack (Eds.), Lisbon, Faculty of

               Letters, University of Lisbon, p.70-74.

2008     ‘Martin Carter: The Poems Man’ in Black Literature Criticism:

               classic and emerging authors since 1950edited by Jelena

               O. Krstovic,  Farmington Hills, MI, USA. Gale. 

2004.    ‘Sun Poem - The Rainbow Sign’ in The Critical Response to

                   Kamau Braithwaite, E Williams (Editor), Westport,

                   Greenwood Press,  p.137-146.

2004     "Incalculable Flotsam": Frank Collymore salvaging poetry from

                 the sea in Remembering the Sea: an introduction to Frank A.

                 Collymore, P.W. Nanton (Editor), Bridgetown, Central Bank

                 of  Barbados, p.54-76.

2003     ‘The Apprentice: 25 poems, Epitaph for the Young, Poems and

                 In a Green Night’ (In Derek Walcott (Blooms Modern

                 Critical Views  Series), H Bloom (Editor), Philadelphia,

                 Chelsea House Publishers,  p.79-99.

2003      ‘Still Daring the Beast: Niyi Osundare and contemporary

     Nigerian Poetry’ in The People's Poet: Emerging

     perspectives on Niyi Osundare, A-R Na'Allah (Editor),

     Trenton, NJ, Africa World Press, 97-114.

1995      ‘Between me and thee is a great gulf fixed’: The Crusoe

                   Presence in Walcott’s early poetry’ in Robinson Crusoe:

                   Myths and  Metamorphoses, eds. Lieve Spaas and Brian

                   Stimpson,   Basingstoke, Macmillan, p.210-224

Essays and articles in journals and magazines

2006     ‘The Fifth Figure: Jean Binta Breeze in conversation’ in Wasafiri

                   Vol.21., no.3, p.43-49

2006     ‘The truth of craft: the poetry of Martin Carter’ in The

    Caribbean Review of Books New Vol.1., no.7, Feb.2006. p.28-31.

2006     ‘Amryl Johnson: her poetry mapped the space between two

             cultures’ in Dialogue: a journal for cultural literacy, vol.1. no.2. p.73-75.

2005     ‘Another Music: Poetry in West Africa’, Poetry Wales40, no.3,


2003     ‘Nothing about us at all: Olive Senior and West Indian Poetry’ in

                  Poetry Wales38, no.4. p.22-25.

2002     ‘A Caribbean Literary Life: a profile of Ian McDonald’ in

          Planet: the Welsh Internationalist, no.155, p.42-48.

2002     ‘Straight is not the way: the poetry of Mervyn Morris’ in

          Planet: the Welsh Internationalist, no.152, p.62-68.

2002     ‘The pleaded grace of song – Wole Soyinka and Nigerian Poetry’,

          in Poetry Review, vol. 92, no.2. p.99-103. 

2001     ‘Between World and Word: the poetry of Niyi Osundare’ in

           Planet: the Welsh Internationalist, no.147, p.72-78.

2000     ‘George Lamming in conversation with Stewart Brown’,

             in Kyk-over-al,    no.49/50, p.140-157

1999     ‘Incest and Assassination: judging the Guyana Prize’ in Planet:

                   the Welsh Internationalist, no.133, p.25-29

1998     ‘Barbados @ the calypso in Barbados’ in

             Planet: the Welsh Internationalist,  no.127,  p.13-20.