Station W7SA

Emergency Communications Center Building 811R Information

The EmComm Center is housed in a 8’x 20’ modular building.

Inside of the facility are 3 complete independent high power HF radio stations, a VHF & UHF Repeater, an APRS Weather Station (W7SA-12) and a Dual Band DStar VHF/UHF, iCOM, ID-5100A Transceiver.

The station also has the capability of full duplex, high power amateur radio satellite operation with computer controlled (azimuth and elevation) and frequency tracking with high gain, selectable polarity, circularly polarized beam antennas.

HF Antennas that are available for use are located on twin 70 foot, electrically retractable free standing towers Approx. 111 feet apart with independent HF Yagis at Approx. 71 feet with a horizontal 2 meter and 6 meter beam at the 77 foot level. The Dual Band repeater antenna tops out at approx. 96 feet AGL on the south tower. A Trapped, Fan Dipole covering 75, 60, 40, 30, 17, and 12 meters is suspended between the twin towers (CURRENTLY DOWN). Omni directional antennas are also available on the north side antenna rack that cover 6 and 2 meters and 70cm.

The entire facility is connected to large, auto-start diesel generator for emergency power.

A big THANK YOU to the following individuals and companies for supporting our station with their time and materials:

Henry Zappia, N7HND for donating the 2m Repeater radios

Randy Burcham, KD7KEQ, CRC EmComm Center Designer

Mark Spencer, KC7BCL, for arranging material donations

Colleen DeGrado, in memory of David DeGrado, WB6RAO (SK), for APRS, WX Station, Solar Power and Batteries

Polyphaser, RF lightning protection

Times Microwave Systems, Coax

W7SA-12 Weather Map

W7SA-12 Weather Charts

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