Echolink & AllStar Information

Active Nodes

AllStar Active Nodes:

Echolink Active Nodes:

2 Meter Repeater Node Numbers

AllStar Node: 540841 (repeater)

AllStar Hub: 540840

Echolink Node: 708890


Please say your callsign prior to executing commands so listeners know who is controlling.

Connect to AllStar Node (transceive): *3<node number>

Connect to AllStar Node (monitor): *2<node number>

Disconnect Node: *1<node number>

Time 12 hr format: *81

Time 24 hr format: *82

AllStar Resources

Many choose to build their own AllStar nodes but there are some options to buy a prebuilt node. Some have more other functionality than others (e.g. supporting apps, analog to digital). Here are some options: