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Raytheon Company-Wide Over-The-Air Event

Steve Castle N7FUL Coordinator

In order to demonstrate our Emergency Communications Capabilities between the Raytheon Sites, an Over-The-Air (OTA) event is conducted quarterly.  In this pre-coordinated event, the Tucson station, W7SA acts as the Net Control Station, and operates on multiple HF bands in both Phone (SSB) and digital Modes (Olivia for example).  While the net is intended to contact other Raytheon sites, all stations heard from our CQ are logged and welcomed.  In addition we operate the local Tucson area VHF and UHF repeaters and our Echolink station during the event.  (Echolink was down for the 9/22 event)  The final event for 2023 was:

A briefing package with more detail is HERE. 

The following is the announcement for that event: (Stay Tuned for the 2024 event schedule.)

Please join us by participating in this quarterly event to support Emergency Communications for the Raytheon community.  For this event, the W7SA station will be Net Control.  Hams Local to Tucson are encouraged to check in on the  2m or 70 cm W7SA repeater, while remote sites will be joining on HF. With the upswing in solar activity, we have added an event on 10m phone.  Phone and digital modes will be run on 20m and phone only on 15 m.  The schedule is as follows:

On-The-Air Event

On-The-Air event to be held Friday September 22nd, 2023 at 1700 Z (10 am Tucson time)