Welcome to the Catalina Radio Club

NOTICE: Echolink to the W7SA repeater is down until further notice

Welcome to the CRC Catalina Radio Club (W7SA.ORG) for 2024!

Our next General Member's meeting will be on Wednesday, February 28th @ 6:30 PM at the Cattletown Steakhouse & Saloon, 3141 E Drexel Rd, Tucson. This will be our second general meeting for the new year. Our speaker tonight will be Avery Davis, WB4RTP.  He will be presenting on EZNEC and its use in simulating amateur antennas.  Time permitting, there will also be information on a recently successful Picoballoon flight by Brendon Holt, KC5VCW and Jeff Vollin, KC6WFU.

A new board for the CRC was elected last year, with Steve Castle, N7FUL, as the new Chairman.  Our new Bridgecom 2m repeater is now online and functioning well. It is an open repeater, so any licensed ham radio operator is welcomed to give it a try.  Any QRM reports related to our repeater should be send to W7SA-bod@googlegroups.com.

All Raytheon employees are welcome to join and participate in CRC activities. For further information, email to CRC Board of Directors, w7sa-bod@googlegroups.com

At this time, local Amateur Licensing exams and classes are offered by the Radio Society of Tucson club (K7RST), OVARC testing, and online (ARRL.ORG and others). The CRC does not currently provide license training, but with your help, we hope to change that in 2024.

NOTE: Some browsers and some devices display the calendar in UTC rather than local time. Please check the small print at the bottom of the calendar to see which your device is showing!

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Established - 1954

Our Mission

Promoting amateur communications and experimentation, providing communications when possible in times of emergency or disaster, providing assistance to the newcomer in the amateur ranks, and working with all concerned in an effort to see that the laws governing amateur radio are upheld.

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