Download CasualConc

CasualConc is freeware.  You can use it and redistribute it freely as long as you properly cite it (this just means that you can't distribute CasualConc as your own product).  CasualConc is still in Beta.  Please backup your corpus files or create a copy of your corpus before you use it (although CasualConc does not intentionally change your files unless you choose to do so).  Also check known issues on this page.

To download applications other than CasualConc, please go to individual application's page from Other Applications on the left (under Navigation).

The beta version is the current version. It is labeled as 'beta' only because the documentation is not updated (it is being updated). Unless you use Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, try this version.

IMPORTANT!! CasualConc for Yosemite (OS X 10.10) is now available. If you encounter any problem, please let me know.

The current beta version is 1.9.8 beta (2015/05/09).

The current beta version is 1.9.7 beta (2014/12/05).

System Requirements: 64-bit Mac (Core 2 Duo or later) with Snow Leopard (10.6) or later NOT ON 10.5 Leopard

NOTE: CasualConc beta is compatible with Mountain Lion (10.8), but it is not signed, so you need to two-finger click (or right-click) the application and select Open from the context menu for the first launch. See this page on Apple site for more information.

You can find information about the beta version on this page.

I would appreciate any feedback on functionality/accuracy/bugs/etc.  I will try to implement useful functions and improve usability as well as to fix bugs as much as my time and, more importantly, scripting skills allow.  Please send any feedback to casualconc (at)