CGBC v Merrow September 26th

We ended the season with a resounding win against Merrow. The last match of both clubs’ season was played on a warm, bright Autumn afternoon and was thoroughly enjoyed by both teams. The overall score was 82 – 60 in our favour; team scores as follows:

  • Lawrie, Vivien, Sima/Sue 23 – 9

  • Jill, Lynn, Tim 15 – 22

  • Shirley, Peter, Pearl 19 – 19

  • Rob, Paul C, Nicky/Patrick 25 – 10

A sumptuous tea was provided by Ann, Shirley, and (President) John. And so the season ended, and with it the weather has changed to cloud and rain. Roll on next year!

CGBC Fun Day September 25th

We enjoyed reasonably good weather on the green playing in 4 teams seeing who could score the most on the 4 tasks: bulls-eye mat, jack in the castle, inclined board and Peter's new challenge - bowling to see into which of three small troughs you could get your bowl to score 1, 2, or 3 points (that replaced the old game of jack and yard stick).

It was great fun.

The winning team was Lawrie, Pam, Jenny and Paul-C, who scores a fantastic 153. They were rewarded with a mini trophy and kit-kat bars. See attached photo for the web site.

In second place was Sue's team (including Graham, Tim and Jackie), with 141 points.

The rest of us were left bobbing in their wake.

The 15 players contributed £45 in green fees, plus £16 for the spider. The raffle gained us another £20, for a grand total of £81 for club funds.

The ladies provided oodles of scones and cakes - more than enough to keep us happy and to supply those playing in the Merrow game, last of the season, tomorrow. Thank you for your efforts ladies.

CGBC v Saltdean September 18th

We just about managed to cobble together a team to play against Saltdean; we were ten, and Saltdean lent us two to make up the full twelve. We had mixed fortunes on the green, losing overall by 18 shots. Scores as follows:

  • Jill, Tim, AN Other1 20 – 15

  • Jonathan, Pearl, AN Other2 19 – 11

  • Colin, Sofia, Joan 16 – 24

  • Patrick, Graham, Pam 9 – 32

So overall a defeat by 64 – 82.

Despite the defeat this was a much enjoyed day out, with the usual stroll down to the seafront, passing the magnificent lido on the way – teaming with families with young children and their dogs – and lunching in the carvery. Saltdean were hospitable hosts, as ever, with talk of reinstating this as a two-way fixture.

CGBC v Holloway Hill Sat 11th September

We lost this afternoon’s match at Holloway Hill, but it was quite closely contested with the overall score being 61 – 72. Team scores as follows:

  • Jill, Tim, Pearl 19 – 15

  • Paul C, Vivien, Diane 12 – 22

  • Colin, Sue, Joan 15 – 16

  • Lawrie, Patrick, Sheila 15 – 19

This was an enjoyable afternoon, warm and no rain! At the tea break we sat indoors at tables in the clubhouse – the first time this season ......and this included a raffle which started with me drawing the first prize for Lawrie! (Without giving this too much thought he quickly claimed the only bottle there!)

CGBC v Holloway Hill

Part 2 of the CGBC finals took place on Sunday. The Legge Handicap between Brian West and Paul Plummer was won by Paul.

The Champion of Champions (Club Champion) between Colin Summerhayes and Vivien Smith (who won the Mens and Ladies Championships respectively) was won by Vivien.

CGBC Finals Day Sunday 29th August

Finals day went like clockwork today, with decent weather, no rain and sunshine from time to time. The Competition Committee organised two matches today, the final of the Men's Championship and the final of the Ladies Championship.

First up were the men: Colin Summerhayes v Lawrie Briggs on Rink 4. Neither of these gents has ever won the prestigious Men's trophy and Colin made a good start and pulled away from Lawrie after a few ends. The score narrowed after about 10 ends as Lawrie found line and length but it was too late as Colin scored the last few points he needed to reach the winning total of 21 before Lawrie could get close enough for a breathless finish. Colin bowled consistently well from start to finish so congratulations to the winner of the Mens Championship.

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CGBC host Halow in August

Castle Green Bowls play a part in supporting Guildford's Halow charity by hosting an afternoon from time to time for the young people in Halow's care. They clearly have fun playing bowls on our historic green. CGBC members Lynn and Peter Smith made the afternoon go so well.

Jonathan Readings

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Mary Reeves Memorial trophy competition 22nd August

In lovely warm sunshine we held the Mary Reeves Memorial bowls match today at Castle Green Bowls Club today. Lawrie Briggs, Nicky Secrett and Peter Smith were outstanding winners.

Jonathan Readings

CGBC Celebration of Jill Bird's 40th year of membership Saturday 21st August

Castle Green turned out in colour on Saturday evening when Jill Bird celebrated her 40th year of being a member of Castle Green Bowls Club. And what a turnout! We were asked to wear something colourful above the waist and it was an amazing sight. Lots of fun and games on the bowling green was followed by a finger buffet (care of Shirley West and her team of wonderful ladies and gents) and Pimms.

Pearl won the event overall so its well done to her, and well done to the team that put the event on, not forgetting the competitions committee who sorted out the scoring system and arranged the games.

The weather was kind to us so we enjoyed a warm evening with sunshine.

Jonathan Readings

CGBC v Aldershot BC Sunday 15th August

In recent years when we’ve played against Aldershot Underwood the win has gone with the home team.....however we managed to break this pattern today, losing at home by 12 shots. But we have some positives from the match: we had one first-time-out player, Jackie, and one only-second-time-out player, Nicky; and Paul Cabourne played as skip for the first time for us.

The match was scheduled for four triples but, due to another club commitment, Aldershot could manage only three. Teams and results as follows:

  • Jonathan, Sue, and Jackie 14 – 21 (a tough match against good opponents)

  • Paul C, Sheila, and Nicky 18 – 19 (storming into the lead after tea until conceding 7 on one end)

  • Patrick, Tim, and Pam 16 – 20 (twice we drew level, but we couldn’t get our noses in front despite winning the last three ends)

So overall a loss by 48 – 60

The rain held off; at times the afternoon was sunny and breezy; a good time was had by all. Thanks to John R and Lawrie for the provision of half-time refreshments.

Patrick Andrew

CGBC Hosts Surrey Executive Ladies

It was a pleasure to host the Executive Ladies today at Castle Green with President Charlotte Emanuel and her team. Much fun was had by all and we were delighted the weather remained dry. Thanks to the Ladies Captain, Sue Secrett who planned the event which thankfully went without a hitch.

Nicky Secrett

Open Pairs Competition 1st August

We were lucky with the weather and managed all our games with just a slight sprinkle of rain during the final at the end of the afternoon. The weather wasn't bad, and the temperatures were quite comfortable. Our 20 players seemed to enjoy themselves on the green, and in the clubhouse with a celebratory tea arranged by Shirley and the ladies at the close of play (for which, many thanks).


League 1:

Team 2: Jill Bird and Paul Cabourne: 6 points, a +7 shot difference and 14 ends won. Finalists

Team 3: Jonathan Readings and Ann Lewis: 5 points, a +21 shot difference and 16 ends won.

Team 4: John Reeves and Sofia Roberts: 5 points, a +9 shot difference and 14 ends won.

Team 1: Patrick Andrews and Jackie Glanville: 3 points, a -14 shot difference and 9 ends won.

Team 5: Sue Secrett and Pearl Warner: 1 point, a -23 shot difference and 7 ends won.

League 2:

Team A: Colin S and David Turnbull: 6 points, a +4 shot difference and 13 ends won. Finalists

Team E: Lynn Smith and Monica Turnbull: 6 points, a +1 shot difference and 12 ends won.

Team C: Peter Smith and Tim Sampson: 4 points, a +14 shot difference and 16 ends won.

Team B: Brian West and Sheila Wey: 2 points, a -6 shot difference and 8 ends won.

Team D: Shirley West and Graham Warner: 2 points, a -13 shot difference and 11 ends won.

So the first 3 teams were 2, A and E, with A ahead of E on shot difference and ends won.

In the final, team A (for league 2) went down by 5 shots on the first end, but fought back to win over team 2 (for league 1) by 1 shot with a score of 7 to 6. A very tight match!

The combined green fees (£3 each), spider (£1 each) and raffle money will have made a solid contribution to club funds. Thanks to all those who brought a raffle prize and baked cakes.

Colin Summerhayes

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CGBC v Bourne Bowls Club Saturday 30th July

Under grey skies that threatened but never rained, we contested 4 triples at the delightful Bourne Bowls Club on the Saturday the 30th August.

Results were not looking good before tea after 10 ends but whatever the tea contained 3 out of 4 teams bolted for the finish like scalded cats.

The results were:

Tim, Sue and Jill 12-11 Down 6-7 after 10 Jill spurred Tim and Sue to victory in the last 8 ends.

Joan/Paul C and Jonathan 19-17. 7-14 at tea, some sound bowling and a few lucky breaks allowed us to score 11 on the last 5.

Pearl, Lynn and Lawrie 16-14. down 5-11 at tea, Lawrie’s team finished strongly with 11 on the last 5 as well.

Diane, Vivien and Peter S 12-18. A tough break of 6 against was a blow for Peter’s gallant band and although they won 4 of the last 6 ends they couldn't get back in contention.

The overall score ended 59-60 so we lost by 1. The afternoon was great fun though, and it was nice to see Diane and Paul playing for Castle Green.

CGBC Presidents Day 24th July

The weather was kind to us on Saturday evening. Fun ws had on all rinks as the competition equipment was on Rinks 1-4. The Target was on 1, the Castle Portcullis was on 2, the Target Board was on 3 and the nearest the jack was on 4, ably judged by Peter Smith.

There were lots of CGBC bowlers in action and at the end Sofia was the winner with 27 points.

Cheese and wine provided by Shirley and the other Committee Ladies finished off evening in the bandstand. A wonderful cake was presented to Club President John Reeves to honour the hard work JOhn has done on behalf of the club for the last few years. John is intending to step down at the AGM, but will not be lost to Castle Green.

The carousel below shows some of the pictures taken on President's Evening.

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CGBC v Mayford Hall Sunday 18th July

Phew, what a scorcher! On a roasting hot day we entertained Mayford Hall at Castle Green across 3 rinks and over 18 ends and we were all still standing at the finish. We put the gazebo up for some shade and it was brilliant, so thanks to Shirley for organising that for the club.

Rink 1 Jonathan (1) - Lynn (2) - Sue (skip) 7 - 24. We were very ably skipped by Sue and were level after 6 ends but then didn't score for the next 6. Not our finest hour but our opponents were good company and we all learned something.

Rink 3 Tim - Ann - Paul (skip) 17 - 15. Paul's team were ahead for 15 ends with MH coming back into it, but our team of hardened competitors fought back with a 5 on the last end to take the win. Well done all of them.

Rink 4 Pam - Peter - Viv (skip) 16 - 10. Viv’s team started very strongly and MH never quite got into it until the last few ends. A terrific result.

Tea and cakes were provided outside at the 10 end end mark by Shirley and Brian so many thanks to them both.

Overall, we lost by 40 - 49. Thank you to all those who turned out in blistering heat to play this wonderful game.

Our next event is The Presidents Evening on Saturday 24th July at 6:15. It's not too late to put your name down for this.


CGBC v Petersfield Saturday 17th July

We came unstuck against Petersfield yesterday, despite playing on our home green. Playing in baking hot sunshine we lost overall by 20 shots, 56 – 76; team scores as follows:

  • Lawrie, Mary, Diane 10 – 16

  • Paul, Tim, Joan 13 – 25

  • Colin S, Sue, David T 21 – 11

  • Patrick, Sofia, Monica 12 – 24

We had two big reverses which accounted for most of the deficit; Paul’s team managed to record a rare loss of 8 on one end just before tea, and after tea my team – having been 10 all at the break – suffered a loss of 6 on one end. Ho hum, there we go. Colin doubled up on playing and providing tea, and was ably assisted in the latter activity by none other than the president himself, who was also proudly exhibiting his new acquisition, a beautiful blue Austin Healey.

Wishing today’s team good luck against Mayford Hall on Sunday 18th July


CGBC v Wonersh Wednesday 14th July

On Bastille Day we broke out of Guildford Castle and made our way to Wonersh Bowls Club to play a mid week evening match.

Four triples contested the match over 18 ends in glorious sunshine but Wonersh came out just ahead by 4 shots 55-59.

The rinks were East/West at Wonersh so some of us were struggling to make out the jack or even the head at times but eventually the sun dipped behind Chinthurst Hill and we could all see again.

Scores were as follows:

Rink 2 Jonathan/Brian T/Shirley 14 - 11. A close game with low scores as a result.

Rink 3 Brian W/Viv/Lynn 17 - 17. A spectacular 7 helped Brian’s team get ahead on the 10th end and after some close ends they ended with a draw.

Rink 4 Peter/Joan/Pearl 9 - 22. Peter’s team came up against strong opposition. They were ahead after 7 ends but the Wonersh players found line and length in the 2nd half and pulled away.

Rink 5 Lawrie/Tim/Sue S 15-9. This was a close scoring game with Lawrie’s team pulling away nicely from the opposition.

A much needed drink after the match refreshed both mind and body as Wonersh possess a lovely clubhouse with a bar.

Many thanks to all those who turned out last night and played in what i think was a fun and very enjoyable game.

Next stop is a home game against Petersfield on Saturday the 17th July.


CGBC v Ripley Sunday 10th July

Under lightening skies we played Ripley and won 69-58.

CGBC scored 20 on three out of four rinks which is quite amazing. Sadly my rink 4 did not receive that message until it was too late and only got 9.

So rink by rink:

Peter, John P, and Paul won 20 - 6

Monica, Pearl and Brian W won 20 - 12

Tim, Sue S and Lawrie won 20 - 11

David T, Lynn and Jonathan lost 9 - 19 having been 9 all after 13.

Thanks to Joan and Patrick for the wonderful tea and cake.


CGBC v Billingshurst Sunday 4th July

This was a home match played in a mixture of bright sunshine and heavy downpours of rain. We won on two rinks and lost on the other two; overall we lost.... Scores as follows:

  • John R, Tim S, Pearl 20 – 10

  • Jill, Jonathan, Sofia 16 – 12

  • Rob, Patrick, Joan 12 – 23

  • Paul, Sue, Graham 7 – 25

Giving a grand score of 55 – 70 against. Our record for ‘Friendlies’ against other clubs so far this season is Won 8, Lost 10, and next weekend provides an opportunity to level things up with two home matches to be played.

Thanks to Diane and Sheila for tea, with delicious cake.

Best wishes Patrick

CGBC v Brockham away 3rd july June

We lost yesterday’s match against Brockham by just 6 shots. The green started damp but dried out during an increasingly sunny afternoon. Scores as follows:

  • John R, Sue, Ann 26 – 18

  • Peter, Paul C, Sheila 14 – 16

  • Lawrie, Lynn, Tim S 17 – 23

  • Patrick, Pearl, Sofia 17 – 23

So overall a loss by 74 – 80, a reversal of the score earlier in the season when Brockham visited us and we won by 9 shots. Brockham were, as ever, generous hosts and we enjoyed tea and cake at the halfway break and then a drink at the bar at the end of the match. Then home to watch some other major sporting event.... (which England won 4-0!)


CGBC v Puttenham and Wanborough Wednesday 30th June

We visited P&W yesterday evening and had a most enjoyable game on their very fast and challenging green.

Rink 2 saw Jonathan, Sheila and Sue get to 7 all after 10 but Puttenham pulled away in the last 8 and we finished 12-21 down.

Rink 3 saw Lawrie, David Jones and Shirley win 27-17, so well done.

Rink 4 had JOhn Reeves, Tim and Brian W battling it out but they lost narrowly 14-19.

A superb cooked supper was enjoyed in a socially distanced manner afterwards which topped off a fun evening’s bowls.

Thanks to Brian Townsend who played for P&W as they were a player short.

So, an overall loss of 53-57. It feels worse to lose by just a handful of points but there you go. It's all part of this great game.


CGBC v Hindhead (Home) 26th June

We returned to winning ways in our Home match against Hindhead, winning on two rinks out of three with an overall score of 61 – 40 in our favour. Teams as follows:

  • John, Patrick, Sheila 14 – 17

  • Jonathan, Sue, Joan 20 – 12

  • Lawrie, Tim, Pearl 27 – 11

This was played against a friendly team from Hindhead, on a warm, sunny afternoon, with the match completed before the early evening rain set in. Thanks to Tim Poppy and Richard Hart for providing tea.


John Frith Trophy - Won by Paul Plummer and Pearl Warner - Saturday 19th June

We had a great afternoon of fun on the green despite the rather poor conditions. It was cool enough for several of us to be wearing our green fleece jackets. But at least the rain held off despite the lowering grey sky.

Playing 4 ends, with the winners then moving up a rink, kept us going for 12 ends in all, followed by tea and cakes administered by the ladies (thank you ladies!). Tim ran the spider, which netted us £20,

and Mary Frith offered the spider winner (Shirley) a bottle of Prosecco. Our green fees netted another £60, so we earned £80 overall for the club. Well done!

The overall winners were Paul Plummer and Pearl with +15. Mary Frith presented Paul and Pearl with the Frith Memorial trophy.

Second equals, with identical scores (+10) were Brian and Sheila, and Colin and our new Paul. Then followed Sue and Patrick with +4, John, Viv and Pam with 0, Lawrie, Mary and Jenny with -7, Jonathan and Ann with -14 and Shirley, Tim and David J with -15.

Joan was present but had to withdraw early with a torn shoulder - we hope you get well soon Joan.


Captain versus President - Sunday 20th June

As usual on this great occasion the men, led by President John Reeves, played against the ladies, led by Club Captain Patrick Andrew (an honorary lady for the day).

Rink 1: Colin S & Tim (for Pres) vs Sue, Sheila and Jenny (for Capt), Score 19-9.

Rink 2: Brian W & Paul P (for Pres) vs Shirley, Mary and Pam (for Capt), Score 34-8.

Rink 3: Lawrie & David J (for Pres) vs Jill, Pearl and Viv (for Capt), Score 19-11.

Rink 4: John, David T (for Pres), vs Patrick, Monica and Sofia (for Capt), Score 26-8.

Overall the President's team won by 98 shots to 36 and collected the trophy.

Brian's team was the highest scorer for the President's team, and Jill's team was the highest scorer for the Captain's team. Prizes were duly awarded. The two wooden spoon teams were Lawrie's for the President's side and Shirley's for the Captain's side.

The afternoon started out dull with a 50% chance of rain, but we began in dry conditions although with several wearing club fleeces to keep warm. The weather soon warmed up, the fleeces were discarded, and we ended the game in sunshine. It was a nice afternoon and it was obvious that people were enjoying themselves. Once again, the ladies excelled themselves at producing tea and an assortment of cakes at the end, including Sue's delicious sticky chocolate cake, which was genuinely 'finger-licking' good. We ate outdoors, and Shirley captured the occasion for posterity.

Next year we will need to think up a different way of managing the teams so that the end result is not so lopsided.

Milenium Trphy v Stoke Park 13th June

On a bright and hot afternoon, albeit with a gentle cooling breeze now and again, CGBC emerged victorious from a closely contested match. This means we retain the Millennium Trophy, which we have won every year since 2017 (not contested last year).

By way of background, this trophy was first contested in the year 2000 – hence the name – in a competition inaugurated by the then mayor of Guildford, Jack Patrick. The original contesting clubs were Castle Green and Allen House; when Allen House folded their place was taken by the Astolat club who subsequently merged with Guildford club to become the Stoke Park club with whom we played today. CGBC have been remarkably successful in this competition, winning the trophy on 15 occasions prior to this year, but it is pleasing to see that the names of the other earlier participants (Allen House and Astolat) are both present in the record on the plinth on which stands the handsome vase that is the trophy. Stoke Park, however, have yet to win it....!

The match today was played at Stoke Park, on a fast running green; the scores were:

  • Rob, Jill, Patrick 13 – 19

  • Shirley, Jonathan, Sheila 19 – 20

  • John R, Brian W, Sue 23 – 12

  • Colin, Vivien, Tim 18 – 16

So overall a winning score of 73 – 67.

Friendly v Westfield BC (home) Wednesday 9th June

This was a close one. On a glorious summer evening with the swifts circling overhead catching their supper we took Westfield to the wire but ended up 2 down across 3 Rinks.

Jonathan, Pearl and Shirley on Rink 4 raced into a 14-0 lead after 6 ends but Westfield found the line and length and ground us down to finish one ahead.

Brian West, Tim and Brian Townsend did well on Rink 2 and ended up a point up.

John Reeves, Lynn and Vivien on 3 were 14-14 with one end to go but again their opponents found the right line to finish 2 points ahead.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was topped off with excellent tea and biscuits from Monica and David Warner so, many thanks to them both.

Rink 2 17-16

Rink 3 14-16

Rink 4 19-20

Friendly v Milford BC (home) 6th June

We had a good match against Milford, played in bright sunshine with no sign of the threatened rain, but ended up with defeat overall by 64 – 79. Teams’ scores as follows:

Colin, Lynn, and Pearl 24 – 14

Jill, Paul, and Sue 15 – 20

Shirley, Peter, and Tim 15 – 19

Brian, Vivian, and Patrick 10 – 26

This was Jill’s first match in over a year and she and her team got off to a storming start, leading by 13 –3 after the first nine ends; they then succumbed! Colin’s team led pretty much throughout; Shirley’s team did the opposite of Jill’s and rallied strongly in the second half winning seven of the last nine ends but couldn’t quite get their noses in front. And Brian’s team.....well we won 8 of the 18 ends but we were winning by 1 shot whilst the opponents were winning by 2 or 3.

Thanks to Ann and Colin D for tea and a well stocked supply of biscuits and flapjacks.

Victory - on both Saturday and Sunday May 22nd and 23rd

CGBC v Mayford Hall 22nd May

On Saturday we played away to Mayford Hall, winning on three of four rinks and overall by 68 – 60. Team scores as follows

  • Paul, Peter, Tim 23 – 13

  • Shirley, Brian T, Sue 10 – 23

  • John R, Lynn, Diane 16 – 13

  • Brian W, Patrick, Sheila 19 – 11

CGBC v Brockham 23rd May

On Sunday we played at home against Brockham, winning on two rinks out of three. Overall score 51 – 42; team scores:

  • Paul, Mary, Tim 7 – 24

  • Rob, Vivien, Graham 15 – 10

  • Lawrie, Patrick, Pearl 29 – 8

Thanks go to Jonathan who provided tea and biscuits at the half way break; and also to Graham who stood in at very short notice after Sheila had called in sick.

On both days we had to defy the weather predictions and did so, by and large escaping the threatened soakings.

CGBC v Holloway Hill - 19th May

Our latest home match was against Holloway Hill on Wednesday 19th May at 6:30pm. The weather gods decided to hold back the rain and give us a lovely evening of bowls.

Jonathan, Lawrie, Rob and Patrick were skips for the Friendly match and we played 18 ends. Although we lost by 3 overall there was a good win for Lawrie on Rink 3.

Jonathan’s team of Pam and Joan took an early lead but suffered a -5 on the 7th, then levelled the match by the 9th but HH scored consistently and we never quite got back in contention, the game ending 14-20.

Patrick, Tim and Brian also took an early lead which then slipped with another 5 against, ending the game 13-14.

Rob, Sheila and Ann roared into a 14-4 lead but scored one more point while suffering a couple of heavy ends to finish on 15-19.

Lawrie, Pearl and John P led 15-5 after 9 ends and never looked back, finishing with a 22-14 win.

Overall we ended 3 down finishing 64-67. A decent result against a bigger club.

Well done everyone, as most of us are a bit rusty coming into the new season.

Many thanks to Pearl, Ann and Patrick who helped to cater for thirsty tea drinkers at the end when we enjoyed the sunset over the edge of the castle walls.

CGBC v Wonersh

We played Wonersh on Wednesday 12th May. The weather held up, although it was chilly later, unlike the atmosphere on the bowls green where laughter and competitiveness warmed things up. In a hard fought match it ended up with Castle Green on top.

CGBC v Oatlands Park 9th May

Saturday’s match at Pippbrook was cancelled due to the weather. However.....

On Sunday we recorded our first win against Oatlands Park for many years. In deference to Covid restrictions we played two matches of Rinks format, so 16 people on the green, the maximum allowed for a 4 rink green. The teams and scores were as follows:

  • John R (skip), Vivien, Tim, and Pearl, on rink 2, 24 – 11

  • Jonathan (skip), Patrick, Graham, and Sheila, on rink 4 17 – 22

So overall we won by 41 – 33. John’s team led their match throughout. On Jonathan’s rink we took an early lead but let it slip and were 5 –17 down at the tea break. However, we rallied picking up 8 shots on ends 19 and 20 and at one stage on the last end holding 3 while needing 4 to tie; their skip with the last wood of the match knocked us out and took a 1 shot win on the end.

Brian (T) and Pam provided outdoor tea, including scones baked by Pam; she had told me they would be delicious, and she was right.


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