Coaching News


If you require any form of coaching, please contact the Club qualified coaches,

Diana and Colin Summerhayes, have now passed their EBCS Level 2 Club Coaching Assessment

and will be pleased to offer you help and arrange coaching sessions.

Jonathan Readings is in the process of qualifying as a Level 1 Coach with Coach Bowls so quite soon we will have 3 qualified coaches in the club.

Club Coaching Evenings

These take place every Monday and Thursday, from 6.00pm

Come along for a social 'Roll Up', coaching or just to meet other Club members.

Coaching on Monday evenings will take the form of actual games in which players may rotate around to gain experience of the different team positions.

On Thursdays coaching will be either individual or involve group skills exercises.

Colin, your coach, writes:

You don't have to come up to the green to get coaching advice from me.

You can easily get it on-line, and I urge you to do so.

Don't be proud. No matter how long you've been bowling, or how good you think you are, there's always something you can learn that will improve your play

(That's why Andy Murray spends a fortune hiring the likes of Ivan Lendl to help him, and Djokovitch hires Boris Becker).

But you can do it much more cheaply!

I suggest you try Googling this Youtube bowls training video from New Zealand:

Your screen will come up with "2 Delivery - YouTube"

Click on that, and watch.

Keep it running, as it goes through several sections focusing on different skills

(until you get to where it comes up with Hong Kong pairs, then you know you've seen the whole lot).

Then REMEMBER IT AND try putting it into PRACTICE.