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An appreciation of CGBC from a past member of CGBC

Lawn bowls is a competitive and social sport for those either nearing the end of involvement with more physically demanding Summertime sports, or for those new to the world of sport altogether. Bowls provides a muscle and joint workout while promoting social engagement boosting psychological and emotional health.

In my experience, all clubs will make you welcome as a potential new member: all clubs will offer you helpful coaching and tips: all clubs will encourage you to play for the team and participate in internal competition: all clubs will be full of people whose company you will enjoy. You will almost certainly find joining a bowls club – any club – a rewarding experience because of the warm, engaging members already there and because of the fulfilment gained from competing.

However, a word of warning; evidence shows that very few members will ever leave the club they originally join to move to a new club so it is vitally important that you initially choose the club that is likely to be best for you. And for this reason I strongly recommend that you consider visiting Guildford’s Castle Green Bowls Club even if you are simultaneously considering others. Why?

  1. Most bowls clubs are surrounded by high beech hedges dividing them from a wider public environment and giving an impression of exclusivity. Castle Green is a town centre bowling green set in the beautiful grounds overlooked by Guildford Castle Keep. At Castle Green, if you are passing through the public grounds on an informal roll up evening, you will be invited to join in and encouraged to try your hand for as many ends as you wish, by the inclusive existing membership.

  2. At almost all bowls clubs you are unlikely to see or be seen by a single soul other than members directly connected to the club or its opponents. At Castle Green on a Sunny Summer afternoon there will be hundreds of passers by visiting to listen to the band playing on the bandstand, to see the beautiful flower beds in the extensive grounds, extending to the borders of the bowls green itself, or simply to sun themselves on the lawns. Many of these will stop to watch the sporting activity in front of them on the bowls green, take photos of this traditional British past-time and appreciate the skill and accuracy of the participants.

  3. Most bowls clubs are located out of town in rural locations. Being central to Guildford’s shops, restaurants and facilities, an afternoon’s bowling with Castle Green may be tied in with other commitments or activities over a week end.