The Province has just published two titles of interest to all Freemasons, a history of the Craft degree within the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland and a history of Freemasons’ hall, Leicester.

Aubrey Newman, David Hughes and Don Peacock, “A History of the Masonic Province of Leicestershire and Rutland”, published by the Provincial Grand Lodge; £15 (plus postage and packing £5, if sent by post). 140 pages plus 16 pages of plates.

Professor Andrew Prescott, formerly Director of the centre for Masonic research at the University of Sheffield, writes:

Aubrey Newman, David Hughes and Don Peacock have provided a history of which the Province can be proud and which provides a model for future provincial histories. Professor Newman and his colleagues gently but firmly insist that their history must consider all types of Masonic activity. This approach is revolutionary but adds enormously to the coherence given of the picture of Freemasonry in Leicestershire and Rutland. The volume is precise and rigorous in its factual information, whilst being written with great clarity and gentle humour, so that anyone with an interest in the subject will find it an enjoyable and diverting read. It is always a pleasure to see such deep scholarship worn so lightly and conveyed so effectively.

By the same authors and publisher:

“The History of Freemasons’ Hall” £2 (plus postage and packing £3, if sent by post).

This book is published for the centenary of the Hall’s dedication and combines an account of the Province’s previous Masonic Hall as well as an account of the building and development of the present structure.

Both can be obtained from the Provincial Charity Office at Freemasons’ Hall, 80 London Road, Leicester.