Kindness has always been a core principle of Freemasonry. Individuals give time and money to help others, whether locally, nationally, or globally. It maybe realising a dram for a member's child, caring for Older Freemasons, volunteering on a local community project, making donations to other UK charities, or responding to international disaster appeals.

Charity is a cornerstone of Freemasonry and, since it was established in 1717, the United Grand Lodge of England has provided help to individual Freemasons and their dependents who were in need, as well as supporting community-wide charitable activities. Additionally, immediate financial aid has been given to those tragically affected by emergencies and disasters and The British Red Cross Tsunami and Earthquake Appeals are recent examples.

Total we are one of the UK's top charities, raising over £33 million a year, and one of its main grant-giving bodies.

During the last 25 years alone, more than £72 million has been dedicated to charitable support including over £30 million donated to non-Masonic charities of all sizes working in England and Wales. More than 250 Hospice services have been helped with grants of nearly £6 million and LOROS and Rainbows are also regularly supported by local Lodges in our Province. Freemasons particularly look to encourage:

  • Medical Research
  • Care for the Elderly
  • Opportunities for Young People

Here, in Leicestershire and Rutland, we play our part in helping members and their dependents in time of difficulty and we positively contribute to the wider community to which we all belong. We help with both financial aid and the practical involvement of Freemasons’ and their families, many of who have “hands-on” experience of helping local charities. It is a source of pride that all the funds which we raise come through our own members and not from the general public.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation builds better lives by enabling opportunity, advancing healthcare and education and promoting independence for Freemasons, their families and the wider community.

Funded entirely through the generosity of Freemasons and their families, the Masonic Charitable Foundation is one of the largest grant-making charities in the country.

A wide range of help and support is available for Freemasons, their wives, partners, widows, children and grandchildren. Most of the support provided takes the form of financial grants to assist with financial, health or family related needs.

For further information about the help and support available from the Foundation, please call their dedicated freephone enquiry line: 0800 035 60 90 or email

You can also write to Masonic Charitable Foundation, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI), providing residential, nursing and dementia care for older Freemasons and their dependents, as well as practical support for those who wish to remain in their own homes.

Caring for older people — the RMBI founded in 1842 as the "Asylum for Worthy Aged and Decayed Freemasons", seeks to offer high quality care support and assistance to older Freemasons and their dependents. It is committed to ensuring that the individuals' right to dignity, respect, choice and control over their own lives is upheld and maintained.

The RMBI currently operates 17 residential homes across England and Wales offering a range of high-quality care options, including residential and nursing care, dementia support and respite care. It also provides advice for those who are in difficulty but wish to remain in their own homes.


Almost all of the money employed by the charities is provided by Freemasons and their families. Fundraising Festivals are held each year by different Provincial Grand Lodges in England and Wales. Our next one is in 2022 with a target of raising £1.8 million. More information can be found here.