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  • A-To-Z World Culture

    AtoZ World Culture is the world's most detailed country-by-country cultural resource for the education market. No other resource covers so many cultural and social topics, so well, for so many countries.

    Realizing the need for accurate international trade publications, Mr. Hinkelman founded World Trade Press in 1993. The company has since expanded to meet the needs of libraries, universities, businesses, and many other types of organizations. A passion for high-quality, comprehensive products drives the company and our staff, which works with an international team of writers and topic experts to create content unsurpassed in the fields of culture, travel, language, trade, business, logistics, security, and communications.

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  • History Study Center

    Watch out history buffs!  A treasure trove of  over 500 widely studied historical topics.  Includes historical documents, images, maps, reference articles, web  links, journals, and video clips. 
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  • SIRS Discoverer

    Are you looking for information in newspapers?  magazines?  reference?  recommended websites?  Are you looking for graphics?  Use this resource!
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World Book
Resources include encyclopedic content, e-books, images and sounds, research tools, and a vast collection of primary source documents highlighting the accomplishments of the greatest minds throughout history.