Online Resources

The internet can be a helpful tool for learning.  If you know where to go you can access free books, amazing databases, and learning tools.  Here's a list of some of the websites that we recommend or support.
Ebooks - Books that you can check out or download online.
Audiobooks - Download these audio tracks and listen to your favorite books anywhere.
Worldbook - An online encyclopedia available from school or home. This is a great place to start your research to learn terms necessary for successful searches online.  Ask a librarian for a bookmark with the username and password to work from home.
Database Links - A list of other databases that students might find helpful.
Fair Use Websites - Want to put media into your project but don't know where to get resources?  Don't get in trouble for plagarism.  This list of websites offers solutions to fair use issues.  You can find rules on what you may use, as well as music, books, photos and more that you can put right into your project without having to worry about copyright law.