Welcome to my little corner of the web. I'm Carrie, owner of Carrie's TS2 Designs, and GBG TS2 Designs.
Most of you know me from my old GBG TS2 Designs page, as that was the very first Sims 2 site I started up, and kept running for almost 4 years.
Around the Sims 2 forums, and sites, I'm known as Carrie, so I figured that since I was going to over haul a web site, I may as well just start up
everything all over again, and make it how I really want it to be. You are lucky that I didn't choose a hot pink polka dotted, or a Hello Kitty theme!

So, here it is, 2016, and I'm still just as addicted to Sims 2 as ever. This site is dedicated to not only housing all of my own work, but also to provide
the Sims 2 community with tutorials, swatches, links and information that will help make your game as fun, and exciting as it can be. I do hope you
all enjoy my little web site. Feel free to contact me, should you have an issue with any broken links, downloading problems or otherwise.

I use Sim File Share for all of my downloads now, so there shouldn't be any problems with your downloads. As for my previews, well...let's just say
that I don't exactly have the best graphics card on the planet, so the previews are the best they can be. Also, 90% of all of my recolors are made
by me. This means that when you see a medieval floor tile of mine, it is made from the image of a real medieval floor tile. All of my fabrics are made from
real fabric, and not texturized by me in my graphics program. Because of this, what you see with my content, is what you can purchase for your real
home off the internet, or can see inside a real museum - off the internet.

I hail from the Tahoe National Forest, in Indian Valley, California, approximately 3,000 feet up the side of the Sierra-Nevada mountain range. In other
words, I live in the middle of absolutely no where. Well, I think that's about it for now. Be sure to check my Blog page, for on-going information,
and be sure to stop by now and then to see what new stuff I have uploaded for everyone!

Have a wonderful day everybody!!