Welcome to my little Sims 2 corner of the web. All of my new content can be found on my Tumblr page. 
This site is being reserved strictly for my older content, links, tutorial links, game mods and creator codes.

So, here it is, 2018, and with the introduction of Sims 3, and 4, many folks from the Sims 2 world, have switched to the newer versions of the Sims. 
While I thoroughly enjoy watching folks release some amazing custom content for the latter Sims games, I am 100% a Sims 2 player. I just love that 
version of the game too much to give it up. :)

I use Sim File Share for all of my downloads now, so there shouldn't be any problems with your downloads. Please keep in mind that over 90% of my recolors use
real textures, images and photos. They are not produced in Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop or any other graphics editing program. As such, what you see within my
recolors, walls, floors and terrain paints, are REAL. Those Medieval floor tiles? Real tiles. That wallpaper? Real. Carpeting? Real. Terrain paint? Made from photos of
the various types of terrain in my own yard. I just simply prefer the way those items look in the game. :)

I hail from the Tahoe National Forest, in Indian Valley, California, approximately 3,000 feet up the side of the Sierra-Nevada mountain range. In other
words, I live in the middle of absolutely no where that gets thrown back to Victorian era living whenever the power goes out (which, is whenever the weather decides
to have a sneezing fit, or that pesky 'winter' thing we get for about 6 months out of the year up here).

Have a wonderful day everybody!!