My name is Carla Parra Escartín and I was born in Zaragoza, Spain. I graduated in English Philology at the University of Zaragoza (2004) and then moved to Barcelona to continue studying. There, I graduated in Translation and Interpretation (German, English, Spanish) (2006), and Linguistics and Technological Applications (2007). In 2011 I relocated to Norway to pursue a PhD in Computational Linguistics at the University of Bergen (Norway) within the CLARA Marie Curie Initial Training Network. In my PhD I investigated the translation of German nominal compounds from a Natural Language Processing perspective. 

During the last months of my PhD I worked as a researcher in linguistic infrastructure projects at the University of Bergen. I continued working full time on this until my PhD graduation. In April 2015 I was granted a MSC fellowship as experienced researcher within the EXPERT Initial Training Network and relocated to Madrid to work at a Spanish translation company researching the impact of Machine Tranlsation in professional translation workflows.

In October 2016 I joined the ADAPT Centre at Dublin City University as a postdoctoral researcher in human factors in Machine Translation. Since May 2017 I am a Marie Skłodowska Curie fellow within the EDGE MSCA COFUND project. In my project I will investigate how we can use Machine Translation to help non-native speakers of English to publish their research in English.

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