About the Club

Cannon Valley Velo Club is a
 cycling club based in Northfield, MN, welcoming cyclists from the surrounding area.

OUR MISSION IS: To promote safe and responsible bicycling to all levels of riders, and the encouragement of healthy lifestyles through education, friendship, teamwork and fun.  

  • Bring organization to group rides, providing opportunities for various cycling abilities and interests.
  • Educate people (Club members and the public) about cycling.
  • Promote cycling safety.
  • Provide a forum for area cyclists to meet other area cyclists.
  • Be a clearinghouse for relevant, cycling-related information.

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 Club Role Name
 President Tom Bisel
 Vice-President Penny Rippentrop
 Secretary Scott Klein
 Treasurer (open position)
 Race Team Director Kevin Keane
 Community Coordinator Susan Welch
 A-Ride Coordinator Bruce Anderson
 B-Ride Coordinator Roberto Zayas
 C-Ride Coordinator (open position)
 MTB Ride Coordinator     (open position)    
 Gravel Ride Coordinator  David Strachan