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Camper Setup

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Fascinating Popup Camper History


RV Hall of Fame Organization



12 Volt Battery Knowledge




How an RV Refrigerator Works

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Essential Knowledge of how a Coleman/Fleetwood Lift System Works
Everyone who owns a Coleman/Fleetwood should understand these Videos

Great video that explains exactly 
how the clutch works,
how to avoid overgreasing, and fix overgreasing by removing grease,
and how to fix wobble on lowering the roof by properly greasing the wiffle tree

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Another great video that explains how the clutch works

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"Drive Hub" Threads stripped from maintenance done wrong,
because the center bushing was replaced backwards, 
not allowing the threads to fully engage, stripping the threads

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Replacing Tenting Canvas on Popups



Towing Capacity Excel Spreadsheet


Towing Safety

Avoid overloading which may cause fishtailing

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Story about trailer sway that took the lives of 5 Minnesotans in Kansas City


Backing Up a Popup
This professional driver makes it look so easy