Free Camping Log Spreadsheet

Here is a link to a free Google Sheets Camping Log Spreadsheet

It's fun to track all the places you been to and plan ahead for future trips.

This spreadsheet template logs the date camped, number of days camped, count of camping trips, cabin/hotel trips, reservations in the future, site numbers, comments, and allows you to project forward to plan desired camping trips into the future. A second tab has pivot table summaries of your camping trips by State Park or Resort Cabin/Hotel and a sum of the number of nights camped by State Park. You can save a copy for yourself and customize it in any way.

Because it can be saved on Google Drive, you can save a copy on your own Google Drive and share it with family and friends on Google to keep everyone informed of upcoming trips, and to compare to past trips, with Google's free "Google Sheets" app on their phone.

Here is the Link (its saved on Google Drive and virus free)

Since you can only view and not edit this copy, you will need to use menu option File, Make a Copy and save a copy to your own Google Drive, or File, Download as an Excel file to your own computer.