Lyme Disease Prevention

We have a couple of friends who have acquired Lyme Disease while camping in Minnesota.

The disease can be very debilitating so great care needs to be taken to prevent it.

Necessary precautions include:

  • Apply DEET liberally as soon as we arrive at a campsite, especially around the feet and ankles, and before going on a hike
    • Some people say DEET has harmful effects, but not using DEET can also have harmful effects, like Lyme Disease
    • Alternatively, you can add the chemical Permathrin to clothing if you don't like DEET
  • Look for tiny Ticks often on your body
    • Adult Deer Ticks that transmit the bacteria are approximately the size of a sesame seed and nymphal ticks are approximately the size of a poppy seed.
    • Carry tweezers and tick removers and remove ticks quickly when on hikes. Have several tick removers in your camper, backpack, car, etc
    • Always do a check for ticks after a hike, especially wooded areas known for Deer Ticks.
  • Know the symptoms and get treatment with antibiotics as quickly as possible
    • Not all doctors agree or understand Lyme Disease so get a second opinion, and do your own research
    • Study about Lyme Disease on the internet

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