Campground Hosts

Campground Hosts make a big difference

Here is info on being a campground host at MN State Parks, and an application.

From May through September, the campground host volunteer serves as a "live in" host at a state park or state forest campground for at least a four-week period. A host's primary responsibility is to assist campers by answering questions and explaining rules that apply to them in a cheerful and helpful manner. Volunteers should be familiar with state park and forest campground rules and the reasoning behind them.

Volunteers need to become familiar with local points of interest and the location where local services can be obtained, e.g., gas, bait, groceries.

Volunteers perform light maintenance work around the campground such as litter pickup, sweeping, and stocking of supplies in vault toilet buildings; and making emergency minor repairs when possible; and various other duties. State park volunteers may be requested to assist in the naturalist's campground program.

Volunteers will take no law enforcement measure other than being observant and advising users of unintentional infractions. Flagrant violators will be reported to state park personnel or the area forester responsible for the campground. Hosts may be asked to serve as a witness for flagrant violations that have been observed. Volunteers will set an example by being model campers, practicing good housekeeping at all times in and around the host site, and by observing all rules.

Campground Host on-duty hours will be mutually agreed between the campground manager and the host.

Campground hosts can make a state park great! It seems like they are doing a small thing, quietly, behind the scenes. But so often its the "little things" that make a "big difference."

Campground hosts are often retired people who are giving back to the communities. If you see a campground host, stop by to show your appreciation to them for everything they do to make your stay more pleasant.

Thank you campground hosts, for the great job you do in campgrounds!