Author declaration

Author Declaration

We, the authors collectively and individually, declare that all work and results presented in the manuscript are our original work, we have not copied from anywhere or anyone else, we are totally responsible for the authenticity, originality, validity and accuracy, and the facts and views are our own.

We also declare that there are no copyright violation and plagiarism in our manuscripts, the manuscripts submitted to this publisher have not been published elsewhere and have not been simultaneously submitted to any other publishers elsewhere. We further declare that the content in our manuscript does not contain pornography materials and any materials which are illegal or may cause political, social, and/or religious disturbance.

We, the authors collectively and individually, further agree that by submitting to Canamaple Academia Services (called “the publisher” hereunder), our manuscripts whether accepted or rejected will not be returned and our rejected manuscripts will be disposed at the publisher’s discretion. We understand that the publisher makes the ultimate decision to publish or not a manuscript at its own discretion and the decision is final.

We also understand that we the authors agree to transfer the copyrights of our works to the publisher once they are accepted by the publisher, unless indicated otherwise in a specific type of publication (e.g., some open e-journals and e-books).