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    We are here to serve your needs and make your life easier & more simplified however, the following probably should be said.. I Agree, accept & I am aware of the following terms;      

Privacy Policy 

We do not sell or rent your personal information, it is kept under secure privacy.

* for "beach" usage details apply. -only limited parts of certain beaches. extra training may be needed estimated high percent of access would be on netting - or small boards that have been placed down over top of sand for access.. some sand protrudes a bit but that's OK.   FAQ section to the right  discusses this in further detail.


offerings, services, locations, rates, etc are subject to change at any time without any prior notice. feel free to check back to see if anything has changed.  equipment will vary,  we'll make sure you get a good one. gallery link on the right hand bottom has some additional pics.  void where prohibited.  rates are  based on per calendar day- evening (like a hotel-motel) not actual 24 hour periods.  © All Rights Reserved Busy Bee Mobility LLC, "Busy Bee", D.C..  It's OK to communicate with you via SMS (text messaging), phone and emails.  if you need to opt out simply communicate that. we are on call for you for flats, etc, call & we'll handle it! maybe you are really renting us/the service, the scooter/ equipment is a bonus!.  Not responsible for typos/ typographical errors.

We are independent from & not affiliated with: the Rascal Company, Pride, Leisure Lift or any other scooter or wheelchair, etc. that we may own & rent out or sell, etc. the same applies to , hotels, towns, etc. that may be listed on our websites or advertisements-unless specifically stated where mentioned.  nor are we a "brick and mortar" dealer or supplier or manufacturer of them.  We are proud to be independent!

Locations- areas we may serve.

We deliver /serve u at your hotel, guest house location(s)etc, it doesn't mean that we have an old fashioned, retail storefront in that town- rather we are modern and online! and phone, yet we believe in old fashioned service!

We are not responsible for the information found on outside sites to which we may be linked, we are not the owner or proprietor of those websites

On delivery- apt day you will have to autograph our agreement including a , Waiver of Liability, etc prior to use in order to receive services.

Return Policy Etc.

 we have an no refund policy, not to issue refunds for canceled reservations, transactions  Per your date choices, in the event of your cancelling, or changing dates, leaving early, etc.. we may be able to extend , but it is not guaranteed.  no open ended services,  must have a start date and end date and this must be confirmed and scheduled. we cannot prorate or issue refunds including not for inclement weather. deposits also non-refundable. we do not refund any unused portion of the rental /service period.


The material communicated through this web site, email, etc. are provided for informational purposes only. We do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. nor do we represent
therapeutic purpose or value.


   We unfortunately do not accept or participate in any form of insurance or health benefit program(s)  nor in Medicaid or Medicare programs.   Any reimbursement by may be denied or approved - we do not know.


we reserve the right to make final approval-disapproval/refuse of orders-, service requests, reservations, situations or to individual(s)

If you disagree with these terms, please do not book a reservation or use the website or equipment or services.  if one part of this agreement is deemed invalid, the other parts shall survive in force.


Thank-You and We look forward to serving your needs!