below is another little pal who is at home in the basket!    

busy bee pet buddy basket  another little freind scooter rental


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Don't worry "bee" happy!   sm 

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The busy bee Pet Buddy Basket!  sm

We'd like to formally Introducing our “pet buddy basket”

 A great way to give your little pal a break from the walking as well! Free/No extra charge! – based on availability.  Includes a soft cushion! What’s also great about our customized scooters is that they have a very smooth and non-jarring ride on the boardwalk – you and your pet will both appreciate that!  look closely at the front of the scooter below is Jasper - a

busy bee mobility scooter rental with pet buddy basket shown

little service dog with a bandana!- he sure seemed to be having a good time on the boards.