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Busy Bee Mobility's frequently asked questions list-/FAQ

Do you Deliver?

Yes, we offer delivery. we can be called "the original mobile mobility" service And we will come out to you with the equipment and then retrieve the equipment from you- when you are finished.  We will save you time, frustration and a backache!

Busy Bee Mobility -We deliver for you!     sm

              Who can use a scooter?

Almost  anyone of any age can Rent and use a power scooter, if you want to use one then you can.  No prescription Necessary! 

( If in doubt as to you or a loved ones needs or ability level, see your health care provider(s) first for advice and /or evaluation.)

    How does your  Service work?

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Is a scooter easy to operate?

       Yes, a lot have said it is easy to operate once you have been show the ins and the outs,  . One handed operation is possible as well... the control mechanisms are very versatile.  some folks may prefer only using one hand.  We will take the time to show you the ropes - the Do's and the Don'ts so no worries there.

(all the preceding depend on your ability level and condition. there are some prerequisites for usage.)

  Where Can I go while on a scooter?

Well, you may go just about anywhere someone who is not using a scooter would go!  keeping in mind safety, usage instructions, usage agreement and common sense. for example one cannot take it in water or the ocean or pools.

 Can I take it up on the boardwalk ? yes, absolutely- as mentioned   it's users are welcomed to use it in public areas, we recommend when you are around a lot of people- for everyone's safety to go at a slower speeds.  also some stores are not exactly handicap accessible in that they have narrow isles and metal clothing racks sticking out. this is often the case with  some of the older stores on the Boardwalk. many just park their scooter outside, take the key with them and go in by foot for a bit or they look for a store with wider, unobstructed aisles.

    Can I take it to the beach?

      You can take your scooter/ manual wheelchair, up near the beach, and on handicapped accessible ramps, however we do not allow one to take the scooter directly into the soft sand, as this likely will cause the tires to spin and the scooter, for example to become stuck, Etc.  

the secret is out, on hard packed sand as shown above you will see one of our scooters on the beach (was done by a very experienced driver)  this might be possible for you as well.  the pic below is some of the distance we went to get to the top. we were fine until we got to the bottom on the ocean side and then we had some very soft and deep sand and become a bit stuck had to get off the scooter and push a bit) but to go hundreds of feet onto the beach can make a tremendous difference, some of our clients have parked it in between dunes and went down with out their scooter from there. (sometimes with assistance) and notice on right there is a ramp as well.  ( that still dose not go all the way out to water) but very close in both cases.  photos taken in North Wildwood, NJ, which by the way is a smaller and easier to handle beach.  same with ocean city, sea isle city, and cape may!    the center of wildwood's beaches are much , much larger. from the boardwalk to the water. in wildwood proper , there is a lack of beach netting or decking, so u would need another solution like the beach taxi in front of Eleanor's Gifts- i believe it was 2$ or adults and $1 for kids.  

aboout 1/3 of the way up to the tp of hard packed sand dunes

scooter show paarked on top of dunes busy bee

If one is unable to "walk on the sand", then one may require  a specially made handicapped beach surf chair.  the scooter and the beach wheelchair may be just the one, two punch required to make it happen! Unlike mobility scooters- handicapped beach chairs possibly can be taken on the beach and into shallow waters with assistance. ask provider for more info.- we currently do not have any of these available , so we suggest please call the phone numbers listed below.

Many towns provide these surf chairs for free.

in fact,  in many cases will bring them right to you on the beach.   

Note: The information below was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the groups, cities in question before planning your trip.

The Wildwoods- remember the beaches are free !  no beach tag required!

North Wildwood's beach is smaller and more intimate    
North Wildwood Beach Patrol  ( these guys are great - I really liked what one guard  said " we'll make it happen"   excellent

Beach Patrol Provides 10 Handicap Surf Chairs
15th Avenue and the Beach
North Wildwood, NJ 08260
Phone: (609) 522-7500

Fax: (609) 522-6531
Tony Cavalier – Chief
North Wildwood's Beach is 1 1/2 Miles Long

   Wildwood, NJ 
 Disability Access:
Beach Patrol has sand wheelchairs. No Charge.
Can be obtained on first come first serve basis at
For More Information:
Taylor Avenue & Lincoln Avenue patrol buildings.

    Wildwood crest, NJ
The Beach Patrol has sand wheelchairs at NO cost to you. the chairs are at a first come first serve basis at the Taylor Avenue and Lincoln Avenue beach patrol buildings 

The Surf Chair Program For Ocean City, NJ 

The surf chair program goes from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day 

weekend. While, they have a great number of chairs, they still suggest reservations.
The beach accessible wheelchair service's hours may vary so please call them. the last time we checked there was  no charge for the service and the staff  at the civic center is very friendly and caring! 

609) 525-9304.

The Surf Chair Program is located at the Ocean City Sports & Civic Center on 6th Street at the Boardwalk.( Next to Wonderland Pier)
Accessible bathrooms are located at the Boardwalk at Moorlyn Terrace, 1 st, 6 th, 8 th, 12 th and 34 th Street
Handicapped Beach Access – Handicapped beach access is provided at 1 st, 6 th, 8 th,
 9 th, 12 th, 14 th, 26 th, 29 th, 34 th, 36 th, 40 th, 43 rd, 46 th, 50 th, 51 st, 52 nd,
53 rd, 55 th, 57 th, and 59 th 
Sea isle City Nj beach wheelchair program
  Reserved chairs may be picked up between 10:00 am and 11:30 am at Beach Patrol Headquarters, 44th and the Promenade.  At 11:30 am unclaimed reserved chairs will be assigned to those waiting at beach patrol headquarters for a chair.  Beach Patrol head quarters:
4416 Landis Avenue  Sea Isle City, NJ 08243
(609) 263-2466
Cape May, NJ ( their beach is much smaller and more intimate - the distance from "boardwalk "to water much shorter
Handicap Access to the Beach 
Beach Patrol has sand wheelchairs available. See any lifeguard on beach and a chair will be delivered. Chairs can also be obtained at beach patrol headquarters. No charge
Call  Beach Patrol at 609- 884-9520 

Atlantic City, NJ -Handicap surf chairs
Hey you gotta love AC's beaches - they are free
 available free of charge on a first-come-first-serve basis.  you can 

call (609) 347-5312 to make reservations. whats neat is they say s
Storage is available for standard wheel chairs while using the surf chair. 


for Avalon, NJ


Daily (summer): 10:00 am - 1:30 pm or 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Monday - Saturday (quiet season) -  Call for appointment.

Beach chairs specifically designed for the handicapped, which are also known as Surf Chairs, have been donated by the Women's Civic Club of Avalon.  They are available by reservation at the following locations:

Lifeguard Station (summer)

32nd & Avalon Ave.


or Community Hall (quiet season)

30th & Avalon Ave.




Do the scooters use gasoline or oil?

  the short and simple answer is no on both counts!-  the scooters we have all use electricity - the same kind you would find in your house's electrical outlet. It is very safe and odor free!

How often do i have to charge it ?

          The battery charger is built in and hidden from view. the cord plugs into a standard outlet. We recommend charging it when you go to bed at night, don't worry about how long to charge it for - the on board computer/charger will shut off automatically when  finished.

How long/far can I go on a single charge?

       It may vary. We have had our scooters out for many hours-all day, night and still had plenty of power left! according to the manufacturers literature- You should be able to travel "up to about 25 miles" on a single charge, ( is this hyperbolic?) depending upon conditions and terrain, weight, Etc. hard flat surfaces will offer less resistance and use less power.  FYI we are on call for you - so no worries!

    There is a power readout dash for you to know how much power you have left.  We think you will be surprised and pleased at the longevity!  

How fast does the scooter go?  

 That is up to you, you are the boss, there is a speed dial on the control tiller ranging from 0 to 10 ( about 5 MPH)

 Are they comfortable?

Yes, You betcha they are, or we would not rent them! our clients rave about the luxurious comfort and that they are just magically getting around!

I am  Large person - do you have a scooter for me?

    Yes, we  do have heavy duty, bariatric- scooters available that can accommodate up to 450 pounds! so relax we can take care of you so you can go where you want!

    We also can accommodate much smaller and lighter folks as well.  We take your needs into consideration when choosing a scooter with you!

   How much do they cost/ the service cost -what are your rates?

Click here to see our rates, and make reservations online- 24 hours day.

                               We even make house calls!