Visual Project Management

posted Apr 10, 2015, 7:25 AM by Frederick Portal
Last week Business Excellence founder Frederick Portal was invited to view the "Nexans Way" of "Visual Project Management" during a 2 day workshop to roll VPM out in the early adopter Power Accessories" division. The workshop took place at Nexan's Donchery facility in the East of France and was attended by the President and teams of technical and commercial Managers from two sites involved in the projects piloting the VPM process, facilitated by John Papin, Nexan's Corporate Excellence Director. The "VPM" process makes the challenges of any project instantly visible as well as providing a solution to collaboratively improve the project plan to maximise the project's chance of success. I am sure that the adoption of VPM will be an asset for Nexans and wish them all the best with the process. Business Excellence has been using "VPM" or "Collaborative Project Management" at select Luxembourg clients to sucessfully manage complex and unique technical and commercial projects.
Nexans Way "VPM"