BREA has several events throughout the year that help raise funds to support our Back to School Carnival, Family Fun Nights, Classroom Funds, Teacher Appreciation, and SO MUCH MORE!

All fundraising donations are tax deductible and since Buffalo Ridge Education Alliance (BREA) is a chapter of the Foundation for Douglas County Schools, 501c nonprofit organization, we qualify for the Employer Matching Programs, so be sure to check with your employer too!

Online Donation: 

Myschoolbucks > School Store > Browse All Items > BREA Fundraiser

The monies raised this year will fund the following initiatives:

For school year 2023/2024, the funds raised will go towards purchasing the following items to continue to enhance our students’ classroom and school experience:

1. enVision Mathematics – Manipulative Kits for each classroom

2. New Magnetic Easels – for each classroom

3. iPad with Stylus Pen – for each classroom to use with Smart TVs

4. BRE Poster Maker – to eliminate outsourced printing costs

5. Custom BRE All Weather, Slip Resistant Rugs – at each entrance

We thank you for your support of our amazing school and dedicated community!