Chinese Class FHS 73 Mondays 6pm

This relates to   Community interest, Language,   class number 232347. Mandarin 3

Off September 7; resumes 9/14ff.

To access the recordings, you'll need the password that I gave in class beginning with n. You do not need to "join" wikispaces
  1. Click the link

  2. Already have an account?      YES!

  3. Login as benreaves

  4. Type the password that I gave you in the class, which begins with n 
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The audio files are mp3. If you use an iPhone you can listen to them while connected to the internet. If you're using iOS 5 or earlier and want to listen while offline, 
  1. On your computer, download the mp3 files that you want
  2. Drag them to iTunes
  3. Sync your iPhone with your computer.
Don't have Windows or Mac computer available? you can still do it by one of these methods:
  1. If you have a browser that can save them to iPhone memory (Safari seems unable to do this but Opera can, Chrome might). They can be played in Quicktime.
  2. If you don't want to install Chrome or Safari, this sequence may work but may lose them if you turn your iPhone off/on:
    • long-press the mp3 file that you want;
    • open it in a new page --> a black Q window will open. tap Done.
    • At the bottom is a blue region and a multi-window with a number on the right. tap it.
    • Drag to the right. Click on the browser window. Tap it.
    • Long-press another mp3. Repeat until you've got all the mp3s you want.
    • Now you can listen to each of those mp3 files because they're temporarily saved to Safari. However if your handset is turned off/on, they may be lost.

This and any linked website does not reflect the opinions or policies of the class, FHS (408 522 2200, fax 245 5325), ACE, nor Lin Lǎoshī. If you have any questions please contact me by email at or phone at 650 924 2367


Software, Apps, and URLs

to aid with translating between Chinese and English:
  • for Android and iPhone: the PLECO app.
  • Website that seems popular and versatile:
  • If you don't know the tones might work for you too. Try this example:
    • go to|en|   
    • select Chinese as input and English as output.
    • check "Allow phonetic typing"
    • type taiguile
    • You'll see "did you mean 太贵了 " ?  Click on that character string, to get the English.
    • To see the tones, click the Ä button (you might need to click on the blue 太贵了  again).
  • To look for a common word like "nan" the above may be difficult: you'd need to choose one of many characters before you can get the translation. It could be difficult, or south, or male. This website can handle diacritic-less inputs:
    • dontRunWordsTogether.
  • If do not have network access and want to hear the pronunciation of the resule, try Jibbigo for $25 on Iphone or Android for speech-to-speech translation. Thanks to Prof. Alex Waibel at CMU Silicon Valley Campus for this. (update: his company was bought by Facebook, so Jibbigo may be in peril)

Buying the book

Course Schedule lists it as ISBN 978-0-07-174994-7.  Following is some information from 2011 on purchasing this book, so it may be out of date.
  • The cheapest I found is here at ABE Books:
    I received it 5 days after ordering, and it was sent from in Benecia, California. Maybe they have more copies available.
  • Some other sources mentioned:
    • Canadian Amazon site.
    • On this page they  have some newer editions, but no photos, so I can't verify whether it's correct
    • Amazon has the newest editions, but ridiculously expensive, and pages aren't quite the same. But it includes a CD...
    • Amazon advertises the old edition for only a penny!
    • The newer edition but $60
    • New edition, used book
    • similar prices, East coast distributor
    • Shipping from Australia:
    • new edition, nearly-new book, price $213!

[1] We don't want recordings unprotected on the web, and encrypted zips are difficult to use with Mac, iphone, android. So I'm putting all the audio behind a password-protected pages. Unfortunately Google Sites would require each reader to have a gmail account. So I'm using a free Wikispaces account, and you all can edit as well as hear, so it's fully collaborative. That site, not this one.
Ben Reaves,
Oct 15, 2011, 8:09 PM