Chinese Class FHS

Software, Apps, and URLs

to aid with translating between Chinese and English:

  • for Android and iPhone: the PLECO app.
  • Website that seems popular and versatile:
  • If you don't know the tones might work for you too. Try this example:
    • go to|en|
    • select Chinese as input and English as output.
    • check "Allow phonetic typing"
    • type taiguile
    • You'll see "did you mean 太贵了 " ? Click on that character string, to get the English.
    • To see the tones, click the Ä button (you might need to click on the blue 太贵了 again).
  • To look for a common word like "nan" the above may be difficult: you'd need to choose one of many characters before you can get the translation. It could be difficult, or south, or male. This website can handle diacritic-less inputs:
  • If do not have network access and want to hear the pronunciation of the resule, try Jibbigo for $25 on Iphone or Android for speech-to-speech translation. Thanks to Prof. Alex Waibel at CMU Silicon Valley Campus for this. (update: his company was bought by Facebook, so Jibbigo may be in peril)

Buying the book

Course Schedule lists it as ISBN 978-0-07-174994-7. Following is some information from 2011 on purchasing this book, so it may be out of date.

  • The cheapest I found is here at ABE Books:
    • I received it 5 days after ordering, and it was sent from in Benecia, California. Maybe they have more copies available.
  • Some other sources mentioned:
    • Canadian Amazon site.
    • On this page they have some newer editions, but no photos, so I can't verify whether it's correct
    • Amazon has the newest editions, but ridiculously expensive, and pages aren't quite the same. But it includes a CD...
    • Amazon advertises the old edition for only a penny!
    • The newer edition but $60
    • New edition, used book
    • similar prices, East coast distributor
    • Shipping from Australia:
    • new edition, nearly-new book, price $213!

[1] We don't want recordings unprotected on the web, and encrypted zips are difficult to use with Mac, iphone, android. So I'm putting all the audio behind a password-protected pages. Unfortunately Google Sites would require each reader to have a gmail account. So I'm using a free Wikispaces account, and you all can edit as well as hear, so it's fully collaborative. That site, not this one.