2019 Happy New Year!

We hope you are having a happy holiday season!

During 2019 much of my time has been spent going through items recovered from the house sold last year, including family photos back to 1870, and taking care of my mother which has become much easier since she’s in assisted living in Los Gatos. I'm also editing a book authored by a friend on ancient calendrical observing sites in the Mojave Desert.

This photo shows my grandmother, father, and grandfather, about 1925 (大正13年)

My daughter, Grace, has finished her VFX classes and is working at Intel's MBS studio in Manhattan Beach, doing advanced motion capture with a large array of cameras.

This photo shows her visiting the USC Cinematic Arts building

After a health scare, I've resumed bicycling and swimming several days a week. This resulted in significant weight loss. But I gained it all back after a few short weeks in England, Sweden, France and Belgium. “You can’t outrun the fork!” Still, we really enjoyed that trip. In France people would talk to me (I don't know much French) and Keiko would answer. They'd talk to me again, and she'd answer again.

Please write to let us know how you are doing. We wish you happy holidays, Christmas, New Year, Newton's Birthday, and Winter Solstice!

Ben and Keiko Reaves, and Grace b.reaves@ieee.org http://brss.us/xmas2019j