2021 Christmas letter

We hope you are having a good holiday season during this 2nd year of the Covid pandemic. Mask on?

I’m working at home part time as Director of AI at a small company doing automated reviews of Python code, getting deep into NLP (Natural Language Processing of text) and Topic Modelling. Recently we started a collaboration with Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Last year I thought some wonderful news was lined up, and it happened: my daughter, Grace, is very happy in her dream job ... at Disney Studios in Burbank! She did some of the animation for the recently released musical movie Encanto. Check it out after it’s released!

Sadly, my mother passed in October this year. The memorial service was held at the Pasadena Presbyterian Church. The Los Angeles Times published her obituary, and photos of her life are at http://brss.us/mary

We hope that your holiday season is happy and comforting.

Ben and Keiko Reaves b.reaves@ieee.org http://brss.us/xmas2021