2020 Christmas letter

I am writing this in mid October, blissfully unaware of the outcome of the election.

Covid19 is still raging, deep into 2020, so no traveling for us this year since February. I have been working from my home office on Natural Language Processing technology (Topic Modelling) to interpret word strings and make a best guess at what they're talking about.

(isn't this better than past desks?)

The farthest traveling done this year has been to Santa Monica, where my daughter, Grace, has her home office. Living near the beach has helped tremendously with the heat wave which saw other parts of L.A. go up to 48C

By staying at home we've gotten to know many of our neighbors better, as the middle of our street, now with very few cars, has become the kids' playground. It's wonderful! Some of the older kids write equations from memory

Please write to let us know how you are doing. We wish you happy holidays, Christmas, New Year, Newton's Birthday, and Winter Solstice!

Ben and Keiko Reaves, and Grace b.reaves@ieee.org http://brss.us/xmas2020

December 2020 update: We have some good news that's not ready to disclose yet, but if either of them happens will make for a 2021derful year.