Site Updates

The best way to find out what I've been doing to the site.
May 2014:
-Added two rare part numbers to the bottom of this page. Only '95 to '97 f-body owners will care about this.

August 2012:
-After over a year of neglect, I have just done a massive update to the Tom Henry SS production list.

April 2011:
-Added 2003 Chevy SS video to the video section.
-Added a Buyer's Guide to the production info section.

February 2011:
-Added advertising for my business on every page. Been working on a page about the '96 and '97 SSes that isn't quite ready yet.

October 2010:
-Added 01U and AAT to the RPO Code page.

July 2010:
-Full production break down for SLP RS added. Still hoping to add more pictures...

May 2010:

-Tom Henry SS page is finished unless anyone has pictures of missing cars.
-Rare Part Numbers page started in the Production section.

April 2010:

-very small edit to the About Me page. I added the Gentex mirror as a must-have modification.

January 2010:

-updates page created

December 2009:
-entire site redesigned
-three photos added to the paint color production page along with a bit of production information I am not ready to add to separate sections
-massive update to information, photos, and videos of famous show car 73/93
-about me page updated extensively
-small updates here and there all over the site