Where to go on the Internet, the definitive guide! My website is obviously the best, but these are good too!


4th generation specific message boards: - My favorite forum for discussing 4th gens. You'll find me almost exclusively in the "Appearance" section. - Probably the most popular Camaro/Firebird message board on the Internet. Heavy emphasis on '98-'02 cars. The "Special Editions" section is my favorite. -  Not as popular as LS1tech, but more specific to '93-'97 Camaros. - If you can't find something on CamaroZ28, sometimes you can find it here. Again, not as popular as the ones above. - Want to talk to other people who own 35th Anniversary SS Camaros and 30th Anniversary SS and Z28 Camaros? Then the forums here are the place to be! It's the only place on the Internet that I know of where you can get your SS # and SLP #.

F-Body Road Racing and Autocross Forums - A nice forum to read about road racing 4th gen Camaros.

4th generation specific information: - If you think my site is great, you should check out this one. It is the site most similar to mine. Lots of great information, some of which I have no intention of covering. The owner of this site did a very sufficient job particularly on discussing the differences between each year of Camaro.

4th Gen Appearance Modification Guide - Brent Franker's web site showing many period specific and many current modifications available to modify your Camaro and Firebird.

4th Gen LT1 F-body Tech Aids - Shoebox from's forums is in my opinion, the God of helping the community to work on their cars. This site is so full of great material that you cannot get anywhere else. Without Shoebox, 4th gen Camaros would not be as popular as they are, because not many of them would still be running. I guarantee it.

GMMG Registry -  Jim Smith is the owner of this site, and he and I share a lot of the same interests. Our sharing of knowledge gained over the years concerning GMMG and Berger cars has been mutually beneficial for both of our information and photo collections. Expect my site to have more excerpts and credit given to Jim in the future when I work on those sections! A great guy and one of my favorite people to get emails from!


4th generation specific products:

6Litereater Designs - 6LE from the LS1tech forums has been taking the 4th gen Camaro to places it has never been before through his unique fabrication of dress up and customized parts for F-bodies. Support his efforts and 4th generation Camaro loyalty by buying his unique products. - Turbotronics has a really great song called Camaro every enthusiast should hear.

5th generation specific: - The ultimate web site and forum for 5th generation Camaros.

Texas specific:

Texas F-body - My family participates occasionally with this club's events. It's a very good club for people in the Dallas area.