The Lodge and Common Spaces

Lodge & Deck

The lodge, in addition to being the residence for the owners, Melanie and Jim, provides common spaces for guests. Inside we have a lounge & coffee room and breezy inside porch, outside is the large deck,  shaded by sun sails.  Sit on the deck and enjoy the views overlooking the gardens and the waters of Bottle Creek.


The gardens at the Lodge are a great place to sit and relax. Walkways lined with stone walls wind their way down to the waterline between palms, citrus, and local trees. We’ll be happy to open up a fresh coconut for you straight off the trees, or if the season is right you can pick a sour orange, banana, lime, sugar apple, or papaya yourself to eat fresh or add to your favorite drink.


The Lodge is right on the waters of Bottle Creek. There is a stone jetty you can use for fishing, or even a beginner can snorkel around in it and see schools of young snapper, grunts, goatfish and butterfly fish, or swim out into the shallow waters of the creek. Our dock is a great place to chill out with your coffee and watch the sunrise over the water, or lay out and catch some rays.  Feeling adventurous? Take out a kayak or a paddle board to explore the creek and surrounding cays. You could see turtles, conch, lobster, and world-renowned bonefish.