Support groups

If you would like to attend a group meeting, please drop us an email, or call us on Skype, and we will send you details of the next meeting. At present groups only meet in Cape Town. If you live in another city and would like to set up a group under our auspices, please contact us.

The meetings are run by a volunteer facilitator, who is themselves a bereaved parent. That person is not a professional counsellor. They will seek share their story with you, but please understand that any advice they offer is offered from personal experience and is not a professional opinion. Should you need professional help, please seek a bereavement or grief counsellor or psychologist. From time to time, we may approach individual members to ask them to consider becoming facilitators in order to meet the increasing demand for groups.

Meetings are free of charge.

There is no compulsion for anyone to talk or share in any meeting - you are very welcome to simply sit and listen to others. In order to create a supportive and safe environment we ask that members refrain from saying anything critical of others or the way in which they express their grief.

Groups consist of a maximum of 5 couples, or 10 people, in order to ensure that everyone who wishes to talk is able to have the opportunity to do so. If we do not have sufficient facilitators to enable you join a group immediately, your name will be put on a waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available in a group, or we find another facilitator, you will be contacted.

Fathers are particularly encouraged to attend.

Meetings are held in venues where there are no young children - this could be in a parent's home, in a hospital room or in a community venue. Women who fall pregnant after the loss of a baby are requested not to attend meetings as they may cause severe distress to other members.

Meetings are held in the evening, once a month, for about 2 hours, at local venues (geographically organised). However, one-on-one support is still available in between meetings.

Attendance at meetings is on a no-strings attached, drop-in basis. Just because you attend one meeting does not mean you have to attend any future meeting(s). If you choose not to attend a meeting, that does not mean you may not attend any future meetings. You may come to as many meetings as you like, for as long as you like. All we ask is that you confirm your attendance at any particular meeting so that the facilitator knows to expect you. You will receive an email or phone call every month to inform you of the next meeting, unless you specifically request otherwise. Should you decide you no longer wish to be part of a group, please inform your facilitator so that your place can be offered to someone on the waiting list.

While we are Christians, bereaved parents of other faiths or no particular religious affliation are very welcome. We encourage guests to talk about their faith through their stories, as long as it is in a non-proselytising manner, because faith is an important part of our lives and our beings and therefore will form an important part of our healing. We ask that those who have no faith do not talk disparagingly to those who do. Likewise, we ask that those who belong to traditional faiths do not disparage those who hold to alternative beliefs. These groups are designed to support each other, irrespective of our different viewpoints, not to criticise each other.

It is not physically possible for us to support everyone who joins the groups, so we encourage members to develop friendships with each other and to support each other between meetings. However, there is no compulsion for anyone to do so.