Qualification Requirements

Crew Qualification

After completion of training (Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide, Volume I: Crew Member, COMDTINST M16794.52A) and having  knowledge and skills approved by a Qualifications Examiner, a member may be certified by the District Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) as Crew in the Boat Crew Program. Boat Crew members perform their duties under supervision of a Coxswain.  They stand helm, lookout, towing watches and anchor watch as well as other tasks that may be directed by the Coxswain.

Coxswain Qualification

A Coxswain will have been trained as a Boat Crew member and, beyond that, will have mastered additional knowledge and a number of other skills (Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide, Volume II: Coxswain, COMDTINST M16794.53A).  After approval of knowledge and skills by a Qualifications Examiner,  a particular Coxswain may be certified by the DIRAUX to receive orders for an operational facility (OPFAC).  The operational facility used for a patrol must have been inspected and  "offered for use" by completion of the appropriate form. That offer must have been "accepted" by the DIRAUX. Often, but not always, the vessel offered for use belongs to the Coxswain who receives the patrol "orders."  

The Coxswain is responsible and in charge of the boat and crew during the patrol for which Coast Guard orders have been issued.  The Coast Guard places great trust in the Coxswain's ability to provide leadership, coordination and risk management skills in the execution of an ordered mission. 

Personal Watercraft Operator (PWC) Qualification

An Auxiliarist who meets knowledge and skills performance standards as approved by a PWC Qualifications Examiner may be certified as an Auxiliary Personal Watercraft (PWC) Operator.   These standards are set forth in the (Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide, Volume III: PWC Operator, COMDTINST M16794.54A). A PWC Operator  is eligible to receive orders for patrols using a PWC that has been offered for use and accepted as a PWC facility.