Form 7029,  or e-form 7029, member activity log, is used during shoreside training to keep track of the time trainees spend in class (activities), as well as study time (prep), and travel time to and from the classes.  During the underway training period, trainees use this form to keep track of their prep and travel time only.  Trainees submit these forms to their IS officer.  All time is reported as 99D.

Form 7030, or e-form 7030, member activity report, is generally filled out and submitted by the coxswain, to keep track of mission hours.

Form 1SR-7 is given by the trainee to the QE to summarize that the 16 hour mission requirements have been met.  Download this form from the attachment section of this page.

Boat Crew Forms
used at the end of training to request a qualification examination (QE), and for three year currency maintenance.

Richard Rothamel,
Mar 12, 2009, 3:03 AM