University of KY Ovarian Screening Program

Our Background: The UK Ovarian Cancer Screening Program has given over 352,000 free screens to over 50,000 women or to more than the population of Ashland, Frankfort, Paducah or Richmond. The UK Ovarian Cancer Screening Program has detected over 85 ovarian cancers, most at an early stage when this disease is curable by surgery alone. Screening is free for the first time and every other time.

Eligibility: 50 or older or family history of ovarian cancer.

Help establish that screening saves lives by joining this research effort.

Please click the link below to go to the UK website for more information on the screening program at the University of Kentucky. UK program info

UK Ovarian Screening Research Program: 859-323-3830

For more in depth medical/technical information explore these websites:

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